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  1. K

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Chocolate YCH $30-50

    Any gender, any species! Mug, hat, scarf, and sweater patterns are all customizable. $30 for flat color or $50 for full color, 5x7 in 300 dpi file. To reserve a slot, please leave a ref in a message and payment via paypal. Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/50066436/
  2. Bluefiremark II

    Request: Need some arts~

    Hey! I'm just a guy reeeeeally into roleplay and such and I've got tons, and i mean TONS of characters, from lizards or dragons, phoenix's and wolves, to even custom species and all! So if you'd like to draw something free for me, much appreciated, as i don't really have a method to pay online...
  3. Saltamor


    Hey guys. I'm open to your commissions, and I can draw everything that you are living. I spent two months developing, and now the quality of my art has reached a new level. You will get art in the best quality, I always try to outdo myself :) You can see more of my works on these links: Sign up...
  4. Saltamor

    Open for COMMISSION!!!

    Hello everyone :) I hope you are in a good mood. I want to present my works. I will be happy to draw anything you want :) You can see more work at this link my FA page: Userpage of Saltamor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My Telegram: @Saltamor
  5. Faolche


    Hi! I present to you a new, hot YCH! Main post: www.furaffinity.net: HOT SHOWER| Collab YCH by Faolche Slot - 4 Price - 60$ Rules: -Any species -Any gender -You can choose any costume (if needed) -The color of the dicks can be changed -But the environment does not change! -Payment after...
  6. LexaWalker

    Dress YCH! $15 CAD

    First time doing a YCH! Can be any gender and can be any species! I just couldn't draw them all so I chose three :p Price is $15 CAD, and will be fully coloured and shaded! 5 slots will be available! Reply to this thread or send me a PM here or on my Furaffinity! <3 Userpage of lexawalker -- Fur...
  7. Dront12

    Commission by Supero Team

    Hello there, My name is Natha, and my team of artists looking for clients. Low prices, Good quality and we can draw ANY things Userpage of dront -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  8. S

    Best kind of underarmour?

    What is the best "brand" if not under armour the brand lolz and what style of under armour to use? I am hoping to get a fursuit commissioned soon and figure its best to get this stuff ahead of time soon as well!
  9. SoulEevee

    Canine / Feline YCH :OPEN: 4/4 - by SoulEevee99

    If you want to buy it, please, read the rules: -Only canine/feline character -Payment is via paypal in USD -I'll do proper shading and lineart. -Accessories, clothing can be added. -I start drawing only after the payment. Thanks! Examples: www.furaffinity.net: Evil Gaarinka by SoulEevee99...