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  1. N

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions opened, pricings starting at $15 and up

    Hi everyone, I'm open for commissions and thought I'll post up in these forms. If anyone is interested my price sheets can be viewed by the following links: Headshots Half Body Full Body Also view my terms of service here Also can browse through my page if you'd like to see some other works and...
  2. CokeCoke

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open (5$ to 55$)

    Hello! I'm opening commissions because I want to get better at drawing characters, so I hope you'll consider to commission me so I can get better and do more stuff in the future! I'm still really shy about posting my art online My profile in FA; CokeCoke Chibi: 5$ Portrait: 10$ Bust: 15$...
  3. BluepatchTheDog

    (Commission) Selling: [£10/$13] Half body/bust, full body, ref sheets [URGENT]

    All half body/busts, full bodies and ref sheets are currently ALL at £10/$13. The reason for this is because I am in URGENT need of money. My job isn't handing out shifts at all and once I move with my parents in 2 months I won't have a job. I have add-on's for commissions available like...
  4. werewolf-kun


    TEETH Icon Your Character Here Sale!! Each sketch is only $20 and gets you a fully colored and shaded icon of a character of your choice! Characters can be any species, any gender, feral or anthro! Simply comment below or note me if you are interested in purchasing one of the icons!! Will be...
  5. Niku chan ~

    Comissions are open!

    Finally I'm on vacation and can take on some more comishes, I'll take 10 slots at the time (this means when one slot gets finished I'll take another one!) I can do both Furry and human, or any other humanoid species. Female or male, it really doesn't matter nwn Ferals are also OK for most...