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  1. Bluefiremark II

    Go ahead... ask me anything.

    See how i respond.. Jokes aside.. ask me anything, can be random can be quotes can be serious, whatever~. It can even be about a specific character of mine rather than me irl.
  2. J

    AMA (Ask Me Anything) - JustAlex1997

    Since there's a bit of a trend going on, I decided to jump in. Ask me whatever semi-PG question you'd like.
  3. Bluefiremark II

    Hiring: Lookin for artists 5-100$ (closed)

    Hello all! The time has come when i finally have the capability to pay online! Wooh. So now i am looking for artists! I am not looking for any specific style or anything, and the only fetish i might look for is macro related art. So feel free to advertise to me your art, whether its cute...
  4. HazelCat

    Taking requests!

    taking furry art requests of anything! I'll only take about two or three, here are some examples of my art:
  5. H

    (Commission) Selling: I will draw ANYTHING you want (SFW/NSFW)($5-$100)

    OK so I will basically draw anything you want, sfw or nsfw. My art is digital and cell shaded, and I accept payment through PayPal. I will finish a piece fairly quickly in under a week, unless its a very big commission. Here's some of my art, Portfolio - Google Drive (keep in mind that I can...
  6. Jiccs

    Anyone have unusual ideas for sonas?

    I made another "unique ideas" type thread to get some ideas for the race I'm about to make. A fox/pine marten race is pretty different by itself but I can't help but add something magical to set it apart from others. So, if ANYONE has or has even seen something they thought was cool (take...
  7. Jiccs

    Anyone know of any unique species?

    I just want a good bit of all the most interesting species in one place, simple as that. So anyone and everyone who knows of a unique species such as chimereons or mantrafae, please feel free to post them and hopefully a picture or link to see what is all out there. Hybrids and different...
  8. Inkblooded

    AMA more like I am Gay

    just kidding i am a heterosexusl male with slight bicurious tendency but can you blame me? that beautiful woman-like lizardboy is a gift from the heavens. and its not gay if he basically appears to be a 20 year old leather wearing goth woman at an emo music festival in 2006. Hello I'm ink...
  9. T

    Fun loose anything goes rp.

    Hey. New to this site. I'm up for a fun rp with anybody. I'm pretty open to anything. I guess just let me know where you want to talk. Kik or Skype works for me.
  10. EightySix

    20$ Commissions - Full Color, BG

    Commissions are now open! Single Character, Full Color, Full BG! Male, Female, Lines, Vector, Bust, Full Body, Human, Anthro, Action, Still, Clean, Pinup, Nekkid, - ANYTHING YOU WANT! Check the Journal for more info; 20$ Commissions - Full Color -- EightySix's Journal -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  11. Annie-Mae

    Commissions are open

    Help me pay for some bills this coming month. Just also want to draw some peoples characters. Let me know what you're interesting in. Reply to this post or find my FA account At Annie-Mae
  12. Sleepyly

    Meeting new people or something

    I don't wanna be a bitch but after some depression and thinking i decided i should talk to people more often so if anyone wants to talk about anything lets just get along. Btw i know the community for some time but i only got active 1 month ago.