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  1. Tequila

    Rather a question

    Hello there. Sorry if this is the wrong corner for that. I am absolutely new to the forums. Well, let's start with the question. I have an old, old account on Furaffinity named "Ulknudel". But I forgot the mail address and the password. Is there any way I still can login? I would like to...
  2. DjembeTheApe

    Don't think I've introduced myself yet

    Hello all! I'm Djembe, a chimp from the Big Easy! I've been a furry for about 8 years now, but I've been distant from the fandom for about 4 years. My ex wasn't that into it, but I dumped his ass and I've returned full time! Hope to get to meet some new friends and faces!
  3. Ulknudel

    Mango Smoothies

    Hello! I thought I could try this place out since I've tried a German forum and made bad experiences but good ones with an international one. So, here's my introduction. NAME My name is Jennifer but my friends and family just call me Jenny. I prefer the short form as well. AGE I am 21 years...