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  1. Kylaaa

    Public JSON APIs

    Right now, in order to scrape content, you need to fetch an entire page at a time. I'm working on a project where I look at all of the submissions on https://www.furaffinity.net/msg/submissions/, then dispatch requests for every view I haven't seen before. Rather than having to issue...
  2. DatDraggy

    Furaffinity Journal Alert [Telegram/E-Mail]

    famonitor.com Many artists announce their commission openings via their journals. Because I'm too lazy to check if there is a new journal on a rather popular artists page every 5 minutes I created famonitor.com / @famonitor_bot The service is free to use for everyone and works via E-Mail and...
  3. lostfoxeh

    FA Site API SDK Dev Guide

    Hi, Can someone point me to the dev guides and API for the FA site? Didn't find one in the stickies. I want write a mobile app and/or telegram chat bot that interact with Fur Affinity similar to how e621.net has a few bots and apps.
  4. T

    Does FA have an Developer API

    Hi I'm a mobile developer (for both android and ios) and to show my support to the site and the community I thought I could make an app for FA