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  1. Guifrog

    Ssaannttoo's rising

    I'm sure you all have noticed by now. The forums have been overtaken by this powerful, lighthearted entity in the shape of a foxaroo that goes by the name of Santo. As discussed by our furry scientists on this thread, many theories could explain the phenomenon. They alledge that he's a...
  2. Silvie

    any fanfic Werewolf:Apocalypse (RPG)?

    I've been planning to write a fic (it's in portuguese-br :/) using the setting of werewolf:apocalypse. Does anyone ever wrote anything in this setting or, if you feel like sharing plots regarding shapeshifting fursonas (discussed this on reddit once, if shapeshifting is regarded as furry and how...
  3. I

    Zombie Apocalypse

    In the rare scenario that zombies to come be it in the form of a evil spell or horrible virus, how prepared are you? Do you have a plan? Are you armed? What weapons would you use to fight off the undead fiends when they start walking (or sprinting) among us? Share advice and ideas or just post...
  4. Guifrog

    Foxes vs. Skunks

    I'm a bit scared this might trigger a fight between species, but now I got curious. T_T So what's with the rivalry?
  5. T

    wasteland wanderer finds himself a new friend/love [fallout/post-apocalypse/metro RP]

    There is a man walking around the wastelands. He is "The candy man" (ignore the pip boy, he obviously wouldnt have one. he might have a "pip-pad" though but thats a whole other story. Made the model in fallout 4 using the character creation screen in some "crimes against nature" mod) He...
  6. Limedragon27

    RP Forum/Discord Chat Ad

    Are you bored and looking for something new to do? Tired of bland and boring one liner RPs and want something more advanced? Do you have a creative mind and just want to express it? Or do you just want a nice chat with a good community? Well you have randomly ran into the right ad! The Furry...
  7. Roman Powers

    Through Darkness, A Metro 2033 Fanfiction.

    Through Darkness - What Remains - Wattpad The year is 2017, four years have passed since the Great Nuclear War of 2013, and turmoil is stirring in the bowels of the Moscow Metro. New factions will form and claim as much territory and supplies as they can, whether by means of negotiation and...