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  1. Luteus

    Dating apps

    Am I the only one that uses those just to see who's around but not really take it seriously? Very rarely do I get good conversations from those apps, so I just mess around. I don't doubt that you can actually meet nice people there, but I've never taken it seriously myself.
  2. Asher Grey

    Furry dating apps/sites?

    I've been thinking about looking into furry dating apps lately, both for dating and just meeting new people. However, I have seen a lot of complaints about specific ones. Scams, minors using them, poor moderation, etc. Are there any that folks are content with, even if only in comparison to...
  3. M

    Animation program/app for iPad?

    Hello! I'm searching for a free or cheap animation program for iPad. App store has a large selection, but I have no idea where to start. I have animated before and I've been pretty good at it, it was part of my art school's program. I just need to become accustomed to how iPad feels for...
  4. Jojer

    Best inking/line art app for iOS?

    I’ve been using ArtStudio for a few years now but it’s not the best. I’d love to use something similar to Manga Studio that smoothes the lines and has crisp, clean edges. Any apps you use that are good for that? I have a 6 Plus currently with iOS 12. Thanks!
  5. Z

    Furaffinity app?

    I really wish that there was a Furaffinity app. That would make going on here a lot easier. But you guys/gals are still worth taking the time to chat with. XD
  6. wesmuis

    Glutamate - We made an Android app :o

    Yep, we did- it's free, and we wanted to share it with you all, in the hopes you'll like it as much as we do! What is the app about? It's yet another e926 image viewer- made for mobile. It's made with ease, speed and material design in mind. What features does it have? The app is in beta, so...