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  1. Awoos the Plush

    TikTok ads are inaccurate

    Tfw you discover it isn't a mini world but an app for teenagers who are doing stupid dances
  2. TheKyote

    Becoming social

    Hello all, I am admittedly new to socializing among the fandom and just in general these days. Used to have a number of friends but then fell into one hell of a hole. Now I am hoping to branch out finally and make myself better, so consider this a second introduction but more to the point I...
  3. ReeseCapeesh

    Easy place to upload quick drawings and sketches to share?

    Okay so I binge make art sometimes. Not finished art but cool lil sketches I make. I don’t know what kind of crowd likes unfinished art and doodles. But I love them and feel proud of them a lot. The problem is, I want to upload a lot at a time, maybe one by one or in groups, without having to...