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arizona fur con

  1. Zrcalo

    IBFC and AZFC

    Anyone in here going? I'll be tabling and its a pretty fun con imo. AZFC isnt small either. its growing pretty fast. wondering if anyone here is going.
  2. KushFox

    Arizona Fur Con 2017 (Are You Attending?)

    So, I was just curious if anyone will be attending the AFC 2017 this year? I live one town over from where it's located and I just moved to AZ. The moral of the story as of now? I will be attending it alone. I don't want to go alone. I am a solitary witch and the theme is Wizarding...
  3. KahluaFennec

    Arizona Fur Con 2016

    Who is goooing? :D Arizona Fur Con - Home