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  1. U

    Hiring: [Closed] Furry mecha girl [80 - 100€]

    I'm looking for artist to draw my furry char in mecha girl armour. The armour should be similar to this: https://infinite-stratos.fandom.com/wiki/Akatsubaki?file=%2521IS3_CHOCO_00004.jpeg If you are interested reply to this thread (no direct messages!) pls provide: 1. picture directly in reply...
  2. seagxll

    Fullbody Character Commissions (High Detail) 70 USD

    Hey, I'm currently doing some painted high detailed commissions for 70+ USD a piece, can do most species, if you're unsure just ask me. Nsfw is included. Message me or email me at maxhassell2@gmail.com with a reference and pose idea to get a quote. I can only take paypal. The example was done as...
  3. S

    Best kind of underarmour?

    What is the best "brand" if not under armour the brand lolz and what style of under armour to use? I am hoping to get a fursuit commissioned soon and figure its best to get this stuff ahead of time soon as well!
  4. Aloise-chan

    Armour/Outfit Commissions

    What I do: -Outfits for human, half-human beings Full gallery from my designs: http://aloise-chan.deviantart.com/gallery/ Commissions List: AgracianaMerry deviantart (Finished) Kat-chan666 deviantart (Finished) DarkExorsus deviantart (Finished) Kat-chan666 deviantart (Open) Commission...