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  1. nwbiN00b

    Hey I'm new and don't know anything!

    Hello, my name is Newbi! ...and that's pretty much what I am as well: new to FA and Furry related stuff in general I like drawing and sharing my art so that will be all I'll do for now ♡ thank you for reading! ^^
  2. Xyulihanx


    I just finished the Fennekin drawing! Check it out if you want!:D https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46740947/
  3. Kylan Velpa

    Getting started and pricing

    So recently I started practicing more pixel art. I had prior experience, though not much. After making a cute image for my BF on Valentine's day I picked it back up again, and started adapting it into a cute sticker/emote pack for my sona Kylan. People seem to like them a lot, furs and non-furs...
  4. Furrium

    Conversation about art

    No kidding Post your favorite paintings, but this painting should not be: -about furry -painted by you or -be a joke or meme Post any paintings, modern or antique. Well,I will start This picture was painted by the artist with the namesake with the hero of the film Pirates of the...
  5. Tekashi96

    Anyone need a commission??

    im broke as shit and willing to draw your sona, I love doing explicit work and my prices start lowwwww
  6. Koriekraiz13

    A challenge from me

    This is to all the artists and people who don't yet know how to draw, This is a challenge for anyone up for it, I want you to draw a cartoon character, any character, child friendly or not, but, (oh my god where has my life went by saying this singular word) as a furry, and if they already are...
  7. Koriekraiz13

    Practice makes perfect,

    I've been drawing my sona Kellil for at least 4 straight months and would like it mix it up a bit! So I would ask you if I am able to use your characters, this ain't free art! Just something to check if I'm aloud to use your sonas, i wont draw your sona if you don't post, dont worry, P.s. please...
  8. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Any Artists Doing Description Based Commissions?

    Hi there! Payday is coming up and I just got a bonus. Was looking to finally get two reference sheets of my dragon characters done. Problem is, I don't have any art of them now, so the trouble comes with finding an artist who will work just off of description, alone. I am looking around the...
  9. X

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open

    Hey there my headshot and badge commissions are open! The price depends on the design but it will stay in the 5-10 dollar range per character! Examples: I take payment through cash app and Paypal.
  10. Akate Millbryut

    Take commissions

    Hi to everyone who visited my thread. At the moment I am looking for customers. if you need high-quality art with your character, or create a new original character, just write me! It's simple. I am engaged in art for any age, if you only ask. examples of my work and commissions you can see...
  11. foxyonmolly

    Limitless Open Commissions! Headshot, Half Body and Full Body + stickers

    Commissions are open under the following prices! Headshot - $10 Half Body - $20 Full Body - $30 Sticker prices are negotiated based on demand. NSFW versions have a price markup which can be discussed and negotiated in PMs. Can do both colorized and B&W offers, for B&W we can negotiate...
  12. Phr0ggy_Phangs

    Anyone know a good artist to commission?

    My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next month, and I've been wanting to get a piece of our two characters done for him. Been looking around FA and DA for artists to commission, but I've been having trouble. Was wondering if anyone knew any artists who do couple commissions? Cause my daft ass...