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art and help

  1. _Peach_Panda_

    Hi everyone!

    Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself in the community properly. I'm an artist who loves to mix different techniques and recently I really enjoy pastel colors. I hope to meet some new artist here and maybe make some new art friends. I wanted to also ask for some advice for newbie, can you...
  2. Dibbo

    YouTube Art Video

    Hey. I am doing a YouTube video series where I go from my current level of art skill (which is pretty bad), and have each episode be about a different skill I work on. I am looking for some people to either just give some general things to work on, or even be featured in the video...
  3. Narri

    You should play with your art!

    We’ve all been there, not knowing what to draw so we churn out study after study again and again. Slowly getting bored and demotivated yearning to create something interesting but being held back by this little voice in our heads telling us we can’t do this or that without learning the basics...
  4. SR20_Weasel

    Do 3D model posing apps help?

    Ok. So I’ve been using theses two apps for about a few days to help with my anatomy in terms of shape. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicposernew&hl=en_US https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.madcat.easyposer&hl=en_US Is this a good tool for artists or a hindrance?
  5. B

    Problem with Art Submissions

    I am trying to submit art work on Furaffinity. I understand that the staff and the administration of FA are busy. But I would like the staff to look into their art submission file sector. I can't upload a file containing the art work in it. The file is within size limits and it is a png file...
  6. Belbe

    (Commission) Selling: Belbe's Meadow: traditional, simple digital, sketches, lineart, paintings, might do NSFW

    Hello everyone, I'm very new to this all but I'd love to tackle a few commissions! I'm a big fan of the work of Arthur Rackham, Juanjo Guarnido, Hayao Miyazaki, ... And I'd love to do commissions in a similar vein. My style can be best described as semi-realistic traditional, with an eye for...
  7. Lucidic

    Show me your favorite OCs

    To simply put it, I need a bit of inspiration and I like to look at and learn about other people's characters and creations. Drop pictures of your favorite OCs and tell me a little about them.
  8. Wynst Draws

    How do you bring yourself around to do art?

    I have this "problem" where I want to do art, be it visual or written, but when I sit down at my desk to do it I either become distracted by other things or more often just feel to tired to do it. Part of it comes from the job I have being rather labor intensive so when I sit at my computer I...
  9. fallingAspen

    What should my art be priced at?

    I've been taking commissions for a bit now, usually pwyw, I've had people say my art is worth nearly nothing but I've also had someone pay $20 and say he loved it. So could you guys please share your opinions? here's some of my art
  10. FurryHouseWife

    Favourite Art Program for Tablet Use?

    Trying to start drawing on a tablet again, what programs does everybody use?
  11. Benjie Foxilia

    Fursona Creation Help

    [TEMPORARILY CLOSED] Hi there! Thanks in advance for reading this. The name’s Benjie, and I’ve been having a bit of trouble... For about a year or so, I’ve been struggling with creating my own fursona. I’m a new member of the furry community and have very little experience in drawing...
  12. Elf621

    Would anyone be willing to assist with a fursona with a disability?

    I have an idea, a basic ref sheet, and some patience xD I just need someone who can draw better than me. I know you'd probably expect payment...we can try to work something out.
  13. Mosie

    How to Post on Furaffinity Page and Looky Here

    How do you post an image on fur affinty the menu is soo...wierd. like there's too much on screen, littered with so many options that idk what im doing. hope this is the right place to put this since its art related. Also Ive been trying to get my furry art away from my deviantart and more toward...
  14. Wulfn

    Couple Comics I've Made

    Hi everyone, I am super new to the fandom and just finally kinda accepted its who I am. Im in Chandler, AZ so if anyone in the area is interested to meet, let me know! Drawing is such a stress reliever and I plan to continue making comics weekly when possible. I have a Tumblr, Twitter, and a...
  15. J

    extremely new artist

    heyo so as i have said im extremely new to the community and to art itself. Before i get to into things i was wondering if i could get some critique on a concept sketch i did? The idea is that its a race that's underneath are entirely made of of gems. All helpful critiques welcome! and thank you...
  16. Freeleon

    Please help me someone!

    Please help me someone! My father had a stroke, he had no one but me. Only I can help him. But I don't currently have the funds to do it because I am a student and my only income is a scholarship. I need to pay for care and medical care (nurse, massage, medicines) 650 dollars. It's a...
  17. T

    Help finding Artpiece...

    Ive tried to find this piece of art from a while ago on here in the main site and i cannot find it. I figured id try to see if any of you know what im talking about. The artpiece is a funny collection of the fursona stereotypes found on fur affinity, cartoonish artstyle. Example I sorta remember...
  18. Aziri

    Writing a character description?

    So I am looking to get my first character reference by an artist, but im not exactly great at writing character descriptions... Are there any specific things I should put that are forgotten quiet often in character descriptions that artists find very helpful or need?
  19. Moka-Rose

    Need advice

    so i was wanting to get into drawing furry art and doing some animation but i was wondering what schooling anyone might recommend me or such a thing as i want to do it on a computer or tablet. i will be very grateful if anyone could help me out. and yes i have looked myself but i am not fully...
  20. ThefriendlyFurry

    Will Trade Stories for Art.

    Well my life fell through and I lost my job opportunity so I’m back to writing, I’m looking for someone who will trade NSFW and SFW art of my OCs in exchange for a commissioned story of their choosing. I usually charge only $5 for writing but no one wants to commission writers, there’s just no...