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art and help

  1. J

    Can't upload nothing

    Whenever i try and post my art all i get is an empty thumbnail saying "image not found". Most of my stuff is png. Is that it? Do i need jpg instead? Is it because i posted from a phone? I need answers.
  2. ThefriendlyFurry

    Art for Writting?

    Okay so I’m a writer trying to get my name circulating around Fur Affinity so that people will start commissioning me. Issue is I can’t self advertise because 9/10 times that leads to people being assholes so I was wondering if an artist out there would be interested in a trade. You draw me a...
  3. M

    i need someone to draw my fursona for free

    i am new to being a furry and have a baseline on what i want my first fursona to be. i need someone who will do this for 100% free. i have no money rn so if anyone could help i would appreciate that. i have a skype and a discord so we can talk and sort stuff out. thanks!
  4. C

    Anyone can help me?

    I've been practicing my art since I've got here. My artwork seems fine, but people bearly notices it. Fewer page views and submission views. Is it my style or the things I draw? Thank you for reading this thread and he's my FA gallery if you're curious, interested or anything else, Here's my...
  5. Rowfy


    Hello, I am an (mostly) NSFW furry artist who's recently started marketing their artwork, and so far I feel grateful for how things have been going. I've been working to become a better artist for about 4 and a half years, almost 5. I also enjoy to help other people with their artwork, and in...
  6. ThefriendlyFurry

    Can I make Requests?

    im usually in the art exchange & trades but no one there will reply and I'm desperate for a ref sheet but I don't know if I can request in here. Can some help?
  7. Vermilion

    It's what the people want!!

    Hi, I've been trying to get commissions for a while now and nothing seems to work. I'm interested in finding out if there are certain things that people look for in a piece. How much does price play a roll? If $5 for a piece why wouldn't you buy it? Is NSFW really the only kind of art that...
  8. light tear drop

    Wanna learn to draw furry pls help

    Hey art community I would like to know the best/normal difficulty way to draw a furry with a pencil or mouse can you help?
  9. Yourfurryotaku

    looking for someone who provides art classes or one on one help for coloring and other subgects.

    As the tilde said im looking for a mid to hi skill artist willing to help me improve with some hands on help. Im hoping to study flat color, color contrast and theory as well as line art and some anatomy. If you know anyone or you are interested maybe we can work out a deal and time table...
  10. Rydenan

    Thoughts/suggestions on this shading scheme? (Warning: skimpy)

    If there's one thing I like to avoid more than drawing hands, it's got to be coloring. I have tried many, many different approaches. Here's my most recent one: Uncensored version: [NSFW] Any thoughts? Too 'blobby'? Feel free to critique the lineart as well if anything looks off. Thanks!
  11. Emstylauzer

    How to get your art more noticeable?

    Hi! So I've been struggling with interacting with the community and getting my art to be noticed more?? I'm not sure if it's that my art just isn't attractive/interesting or if it's just plain "bad" I've always had trouble with starting conversations with others or even commenting on other's...
  12. Grimm Hund

    Looking for Artist; Need Art Base to Use

    I'm currently working on getting one of my commissioners to show some progress on my pieces. I have little to no money for anything else but I have so much more that I want done. I have experience in digital art and utilizing Photoshop. What I need is a lineart or a colored base for a ref...
  13. Z

    Can someone draw me my fursona in Carebear form?

    Wanted my fursona in Carebear form but not sure who would be willing to do it. Basically a ref or something. Respond if interested. :)
  14. MoonDance

    How do I do?

    Sooooo I've had an account on FA for a while and I just recently started posting more often so the question in the title "How do I do?" is basically me asking how I can get my art noticed? I'd love critiques or any opnions you have on it!!! I would appreciate any and all comments!! I'll leave a...
  15. Renven

    First timer

    Hi, my name above is my 'sona name because I don't like using my real name on the internet, but I would like it if someone could direct me to someone who can do a drawing of my fursona. I don't really have money, so I can only request, but I can wait. I also have all of the traits and physical...
  16. Retschy

    Artists help Artists

    I don't know if its (good) Something is not so who I want.. Is maybe the butt the problem or more the whole head?
  17. F

    Newbie On Board.

    Hi, guys, I'm new to the forum side of FA, and I'm just looking to get acquainted with a few people. I really like to discuss art things; techniques, your style, equipment, how long you've been at, etc. Just anything for good conversation.
  18. L

    Du you know this problem?

    Hi, i know there are enough “moaning abouz my art“ threads, so kill me, if u want. (Nut then u need to check my IP and location first, HAHA) But i was curious if im zhe only one here who is continuously having the problem that he starts drawing something (or write/craft/wtfever) , have a good...
  19. T

    Draw my Fursona? ($40-50; Not a Ref Sheet).

    {CLOSED} I'm looking for someone to draw my Fursona for me. Sadly, I can't draw but I would very much like to have a Fursona of my own. Me and my friend were creating a closed species, but she has commissions to do and I'd rather not bother her. This is NOT a Ref Sheet. I don't expect it to...
  20. C

    Need help looking for vore image

    Hey there! So, I've been on the search for this vore image lately. It's a head first lineart of an anthro canid ( could be a feline ), being eaten upside down, to it's knees, by a reptile ( dragon if I recall correctly ). It is a quite simple piece, but very well drawn. The thing is, it's been a...