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art and help

  1. C

    Need help looking for vore image

    Hey there! So, I've been on the search for this vore image lately. It's a head first lineart of an anthro canid ( could be a feline ), being eaten upside down, to it's knees, by a reptile ( dragon if I recall correctly ). It is a quite simple piece, but very well drawn. The thing is, it's been a...
  2. Dritazura

    Commissions open!

    Hey guys so I need a little help trying to make some extra cash on the side while I am currently unemployed looking for a job. Need to help out with bills and were low on food and what not because of it. Just trying to get my name out there is all! :) I'll pretty much draw anything but some...
  3. D

    I need a fursona art of me

    Hello was wondering if any body can draw me a fursona, I can't do money offers but I was hoping somebody could help me out
  4. PrismaKitty

    Best Time to Post on FA?

    Hey there, friends! I was wondering if you all knew what is the best time to post artwork to FA? What are your experiences with posting at different times? Does it not matter? I'm trying to get my artwork out there into the open and was hoping y'all could give me pointers! Any other tips...
  5. Yourfurryotaku

    How do you deal with absolute burn out and lose of confidence.?

    Lately I've been going through a series of artistic mood swings of sorts. I never felt my improvements are good enough to justify posting again. I know for a fact I'm not the only one going through this process of likening something just to come back and say I need to do better then walk away...