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  1. Misschief

    Khajiit has art if you have coin! $15-$70

    Hello! New to the digital art scene, as well as the art commission scene. I have 3 slots currently open. Pricing is as follows: Bust- $15 Lineart only $20 Flat colors $25 Full shade Half Body- $25 Lineart Only $30 Flat colors $35 Full shade Full Body- $35 Lineart only $40 Flat colors $45...
  2. Regal_Tails

    Regal Update!

    Happy Furry Friday to all ye fuzzbutts! I felt today was an appropriate time to update you all on our visual novel. Some of you have asked when will the next update be, and to put it simply...it will be awhile... With our dear Jerry attending college, some set backs have come to this...
  3. Dritazura

    $5 Commission Special!

    Hello fellow furry friends! I am doing a special on commissions of this style which would include one character of your choice doing a pose of your choice and one color you’d like as well and I will be shading with a lighter shade of the color you chose. Payment will be via PayPal and can have...
  4. Niuxii

    [HQ] Commissions OPEN!

    Hello! I'm Niuxii and I'm furry digital artist. My commissions are OPEN so if you are looking for an artist who draws furry psychedelic, gore, horror, candy gore, pastel gore, psycho and weird stuff then feel free to contact me through PM or email: niuxey@gmail.com or telegram: @Niuxii Price...
  5. ColdSoul

    Summer Sale: 20% off

    Greetings, It is time to have a sale, 20% off all commissions for a limited time. I provide many different commissions from sketches done in ink and pen to detailed digital and traditional illustrations. Please note me with the title "Commission" if you...
  6. Freeleon

    Please help me someone!

    Please help me someone! My father had a stroke, he had no one but me. Only I can help him. But I don't currently have the funds to do it because I am a student and my only income is a scholarship. I need to pay for care and medical care (nurse, massage, medicines) 650 dollars. It's a...
  7. Toodaloo

    Inspire me. Make me get up and actually draw. [Free Art, Art Trades, Etc]

    I'm not sure if that title is okay or not, ha. Either way, good morning, afternoon, and night my fellow forum-posters. I need characters to draw so I can actually have something for my commissions page when I finally make it. c: As of right now I'm able to do lineless pieces such as these...
  8. SilveyDesigns

    Silveys art thread

    Hi guys, I am really new to the forums, and such so I thought I would just share my latest works :) You can follow if you like Userpage of silveydesigns -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I love making new art friends :) I would love to know your opinions and thanks for stopping by (purrs) '
  9. SilveyDesigns

    hello :3 little fluffs

    My name is silvey, it is nice to meet you! I came across the lovely arts on this website and decided to post my own. Seems people are nice here ( maybe cuz most of you are kinky ) xD I am not sure how to use everything yet on the website but I enjoy drawing characters as well as am starting to...
  10. Kizrae

    Newer furry artist looking to build a name

    Hey guys, I recently came out of a bit of a hiatus and I'm drawing again, would love some followers, or advice on how to make a name for myself! I do both sfw and nsfw, as well as some adoptables. Userpage of kizrae -- Fur Affinity [dot] net is my FA page! Any comments, advice or anything...