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art badges

  1. michi0michu

    Sketchbook: New art

    hi! I mande a Badge for my fursona, thats so funny :3 haaa I hope to improve more so that my drawing style is more striking Thats my social networks http://www.furaffinity.net/user/michi0michu Facebook.com/michii.michu Instagram.com/michi0michu Twitter @mich_hdzL
  2. michi0michu

    (Commission) Selling: Furry Badges Comission $15

    HI! I’m Michi Michu, this time I bring commissions of this style Furry Badges, their price is $ 15 usd they are full color, and they can wear the ornaments they want back together and include the name. Only Paypal! I attached examples and social networks Facebook: facebook.com/michii.michu...
  3. ThefriendlyFurry

    [NSFW] Would Like a Pose of My Zebra

    Ok so thanks to a very kind Tumblr user they went and made this reference sheet for one of my does; Mira is an elegant and regal Zebra and I would like it if someone could draw a simple picture of her in a dress or something formal with a basic background. Please note that she is roughly 5'9 so...
  4. CoolCoolSkies

    Fursona Badges! *New Options!*

    **NEW OPTIONS** Now offering a holographic option (+$3.00) and extra large option (+$10.00)! ALSO FIRST 10 COMMISSIONS GET A FREE SKETCH! The holographic option will add a scattered holographic pattern to the front of your badge, and the extra large option is 10in badges! So about the badge...