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art book

  1. jin-nyeh

    Sketchbook: Jin-Nyeh's Art Dump

    Hi, new to furaffinity, my FA account , and though I mainly draw anime-inspired, I do love drawing animals. Will attempt more anthros designs in the future. Done in Sep 2019 Done in 2017 Done in 2017 First ever anthro commission. Done in Jul 2019.
  2. sketchrabbit

    rabbit's art thread

    hey everyone! I usually post my work on my FA account but I also hoped to start my own sketchbook thread here too. I hope you like it. ^^ Thank you for looking. I'll start off with my most recent drawing for the first post! it's of my character Estella, in a sailor moon theme.
  3. driplo

    new porn mag

    hi guys!! im just starting out making a zine with nsfw art made by me and other artists that i think are amazing, it's more in the vein of alternative art that you dont see very often. i wanna know what you guys think so far! i'm very new to making anthologies and going to cons to sell things in...
  4. Z-Mizz

    Furry Art Books

    So I'm getting back into the whole drawing scene and I start to remember how helpful it is to have some good art books around for reference, inspiration, and insight. I understand that there's a sticky thread that is pretty much the same as this topic, but a lot of the posters aren't around...