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art commissions

  1. Ramiel0912

    Show me your art!! \(>o<)ノ✧*。

    Hey guysss, i just joined yesterday and i wanted to make a post inviting other new artists (and old ones too) to share their talent! Id love to know what yall are working on ^^ Here is one of my latest characters, im still learning about digital art, but im pretty proud of myself hehe. Any...
  2. UrsoUrsinhoUrsao

    Open slots

    Hello guys, I'm a new guy here and i do comms for living Owo I have some slots with different prices let's talk in private to negotiate My prices start in 20 USD I'm open to nsfw and sfw commissions
  3. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: PWYW and Set price comms!

    Hi hello! :D I’m cinsyrly and this is my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/cinsyrly/ From today until my birthday, October 8th, I am offering “pay what you want” commissions! For $5+, I will draw your character in colour. I will choose the colouring style myself (no shading; simple...
  4. A

    (Commission) Need Emergency Income- Art Starting at $7 and within 48 hrs

    I need income for our new internet being set up for a new work from home job (bills of course too) and don't really have a selection of samples to 100% reassure you as the customer, so hence the "fast come fast go" prices. They will be mostly lineart and flat coloring. If I'm inspired by your...
  5. 0

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Selling SFW And Super NSFW Art Commissions! (20$ to 40$)

    So, I'm officially off work for a month without knowing when I'll be back. That gives me LOTS of time to do art. I'm offering some commissions with some pretty fast turn around time. Most can be done within 24 to 48 hours unless stated other wise. I'm accepting USD currency with Paypal only...
  6. xen0fiendz

    xen0fiendz commissions! SFW & NSFW Artist!

    Heya! I'm xen0, I'm a freelance illustrations artist. I love to draw inspirational, fun characters doing all sorts of things, and I'm not very limited regarding species! I draw sfw and nsfw art, and am very comfortable with both. If you're interested in seeing my full gallery, feel free to take...
  7. Brightcat135

    March Commissions! 4/5 slots, SFW/NSFW, $36+

    Hey all! Just like the title says I'm doing art commissions, mainly full color portraits and illustrations, and looking to fill up some slots for this month. For my terms and process please check out my website: HERE If you have any questions feel free to ask! I don't bite, I promise. :)...
  8. 2DFIEND

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Limited-time discounted commissions (15% off everything)!

    hiya! my name is celine, and i'm currently having 15% off all things on my commission website :o my prices currently start from $8.5! get it now before prices increase!! ;) i can draw: animals/ferals, anthros/furries, pokemon, fanart, humanoids, monsters, closed species, mythical creatures...
  9. DergenTheDragon

    (Commission) Selling: Dergens Commissions

    Hi my fellow furs. I'm opening up for commissions. Commission Info: I will draw ferals and anthros, I specialise in headshots, busts and half-bodies, I can also draw full bodies. I can draw references, I can design entirely new custom characters. I will not draw anything NSFW but I may draw...
  10. wumblebum

    (Commission) Selling: Holiday Special: Sketches, Illustrations and Stories! (£10+)

    I'm opening commissions for sketches again! I only open for sketches when I really need to, and since I'm moving I can use all the help I can get. It can be expensive to move homes as a disabled person because I can't drive and have to hire movers. Most of what I make is going into saving up for...
  11. SpareSpare41

    (Commission) Selling: Any Art Commission for $5 in Amazon Gift Card (pay after)

    Like the title says, you don't have to pay until the end of the commission!! There are examples below of the quality my commissions are at, also here is a link to my Deviantart showing the most recent art and commissions I have made. Please comment below if you're interested ^_^ The commissions...
  12. xenophiliac

    (Commission) Selling: xeno's art commissions (starts at $10)

    Hello! I go by Xeno. I'm a digital artist tryna make a living. IMPORTANT If you'd like more examples of my art, please PM me. Prices are in USD. Payment taken through PAYPAL. I reserve the right to refuse a commission. WILL DRAW Tasteful NSFW Humanoids Furry/Scalie Monsters If you...
  13. Alien8_ed

    (Commission) Selling: $7-$40 || Art Commissions!

    Terms of Service Choose the option "Goods and Services". Add "I am [insert username here], commission for Alex" in the "Email to recipient section" so I know it's from you Be sure to select "No address needed" Money is to be sent by Paypal in full before I start on the order. I will not touch...
  14. Juukuo

    (Commission) Selling: [1/2]SALE- 15 USD MLP PONY SKETCHES! + OTHER DEALS

    SLOTS. 1. Kikl (none sale- actual comm) 2. open ***POSSIBLE ADDITIONAL CHARGES. In extreme cases, if your pony tends to have a complex design such as layered clothing, frills, gradients, heavy patterns, etc. there will be a 5-10+ USD add on. If you're not sure, just ask! I don't bite c...
  15. drudu

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions open ( from 5€ to 80€ ) - info below

    Hey! I'm looking for commissions to help me save some money for my top surgery. This situation is getting really bad on my mental/physical health and I want to try to get it by next year... So if you want to help me and at the same time get a nice drawing here's my info: More examples...
  16. HolyTomatoes

    (Commission) Selling: Digital painting commissions of all sorts! €50~€100

    Hey everyone~ I'm HolyTomatoes and I'm a (mostly) digital artist doing commissions! I have 2+ years experience doing commissions and do it besides my job as a video game artist. I enjoy doing digital paintings in an expressive, colorful style. Bird characters are my favorite! In my FA gallery...
  17. S

    (Commission) Selling: $5-$25+ Commissions!

    Thanks for reading!! Also sorry that Static is drawn wrong at the end, I changed his design like yesterday lol his ref sheet is right -_- You can contact me here or via discord or email! discord: teddy#8491 email: beeboy1596@gmail.com
  18. Zombiy

    (Commission) Selling: Summer Commissions OPEN! 3 slots available $15-$250

    Howdy everyone! I'm Katie (or Zombiy) and I'm an illustrator from South Carolina. So, summer is here and my schedule has opened up a bit. This means I can do commissions! Now, I don't do NSFW or fetish art. Samples:
  19. HsinVega

    Commissions $10+

    Hello! Long time lurker and i'm now opening up commissions! RULES: - Payment Must be made upfront, in full. - Payment Must be made through Paypal. > paypal.me/Shikai842 - Visual reference is heavily preferred. - I have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. - I have the right to...
  20. Spalshpaws

    (Commission) Selling: Slightly desperate Character art and Design commissions! Between ( 15$ / 70$ CAD )

    Hi! I'm Splashpaws and I've been having horrible luck with job hunting and i'm super desperate to make a little bit of money off of some art commissions. If you can't afford to buy any of them its okay ! but if there's anyway to get the word out for commissions it would be much appreciated...