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art commissions

  1. Rainbow Man

    Buy One Get One Free Full Body Commission ($20.00)

    You can use 1 character reference or 2 character reference after purchasing 1 commission for $20.00 Inbox me if you are interested or if you have any questions. Paypal: BaronTremayneCaple@Gmail.com ~ Baron Tremayne Caple A.K.A. Rainbow Man
  2. BeautifulBasil

    (Commission) Selling: [$10+] Cute! Anime cartoon and chibi commissions!!

    Basils Art Shop! Hello! I'm so glad you've stopped by! Call me Fearless!, and I am the sole proprietor of this shop, I make cute and fun stylized pieces of art using vibrant colors and fun shapes to create art that's sure to make you smile! Please read what I've written below to see if you...
  3. mira

    mira's art shop (OPEN)

    if you'd like to see art i've drawn of furries check out my fa page here! if you are interested in commissioning me, either reply to this thread, pm me or email me! payments are through paypal only. all payments and inquiries go to sorrowfulspaceship@gmail.com i'm willing to draw some gore...
  4. alabammerslammer

    SFW Sketches starting at $25

    Hello! For the first time ever, I'm opening up furry commissions! (Yes, I have an account for all of my usual artwork and can send you a link upon request). Sketch (bust) $25 full body sketches start at $35 but may increase, depending on difficulty level of the drawing requested. Full...
  5. Fronk-the-donkicorn

    •Fronk's commissions!• Open! EMERGENCY SALE

    Hello there, Welcome to my commission thread! Here I will be posting my prices and any adopts or YCHs I make. I'll have each type a separate post.
  6. Mariah

    Do people commission traditional artwork?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking, the rules on this seemed a little contradictory to me. Anyway, I would like to do commissions but my drawing tablet broke a long time ago, do people like traditional artwork or am I better off waiting until I can afford a new tablet?
  7. gobithedog

    Commissions and adopts(PAYPAL ONLY)

    Hello everyone! I'm opening commissions, here is the prices and rules: My FA page My DA Page And I have some unsold adopts too: Examples: Set price adopts DA POST FA POST Offer to adopt(paypal only): DA POST FA POST DA POST FA POST Here is some more and more and here is my...
  8. BrizzkeySpurdo

    $10 a pop

    I will draw anything sfw. Everything is $10. *These would be works I would like to post on my social media to show progress, but please let me know if you would prefer not to have your commission posted publicly. You can message me via my account here or Facebook. Some examples would be...
  9. ColdSoul

    50% off Digital, Ink, Sketches and Pen illustrations

    COMMISSION GUIDE NOW 50% OFF ALL COMMISSIONS! (so that's 50% off the prices you see above) Hello! So, for now, all commissions are half price to help with the cost. Their in no slot limit for now but it is a first come first serve basis. This guide shows my main commission categories but...
  10. meowsee

    Meowsee's commissions

    (alternatively titled: meowsee's cool-cat commissions.) Rules and info: All options are single character - each extra character will cost extra! A visual reference of your character(s) will be needed (no written descriptions - sorry!) Payment is sent via paypal and payment will be needed before...
  11. C

    Fursona for commission

    Hello! I'm new to this community only because I seek to purchase some custom artwork of my fursona. I don't enjoy just grabbing something random from a google search to use. Since I am terrible at drawing, I would like a relatively skilled artist to work for a price so we can both be happy with...
  12. StardustDrops

    Commissions: Sketches, Line Art, Vector Art, and Illustrations!

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new here but I'm an artist that's ready to take on some commissions! Also, I have a tumblr! I'm StardustDrops on there, and you can also view these sample images in their original size Things I will draw: • Original Characters (fursonas or not!) • Real life...
  13. _decks_

    TAKING COMMISSIONS 6 SLOTS!! (human/fur/nsfw)

    Hiya! I've finally gotten the time to open commissions back up, so please either visit my page ( Userpage of jentricc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net mature warning!) for examples of my work or shoot me a message and we'll discuss details! At the moment, I'm doing everything from full body...
  14. Qwire

    Digital Paintings, Linework, NSFW and more! (Qwire's Artshop)

    G O A L B A R Hello there! Time to roll out some commissions to earn some extra money! If you are interested in a commission please feel free to message me here, email, or my old furaffinity. (That needs a serious rehaul.) About me as an artist. I work really fast. (Because in my industry I...
  15. Ambriel

    PAYPAL Commission Slots for JUNE (3/5 OPEN)

    Normally I just advertise on my dA, but I figured I'd bring it over to my FA as well, especially since I need more furry examples! My dA: Following-The-Rabbit on DeviantArt My FA: Userpage of ambriel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My commission prices start at $7.50 USD. Plus, I'll draw pretty much...
  16. sassywelshgiraffe

    $5-20 USD Digital Commissions~

    Examples and prices can be found on this sheet: (sorry the black text turned out so small! If you need any clarification just ask me) Anyway, you can send any questions or requests to me via PM on here or on FA, or through my art blog: www.tumblr.com/blog/sassywelshgiraffe-art
  17. Cauchmar

    [OPEN] Cauchmar's Commissions! DIGITAL and TRADITIONAL! €10-100!

    Hello, thanks for viewing my commissions thread! - Terms of Service - - I'm willing to do both SFW and NSFW art. I'm not comfortable with drawing fetish art. - ANY type of character is allowed: Canon, OCs, Animals, Furry, Anthro, Humanized, humans. Of any shapes and sizes - More than one...
  18. Mayple

    Maple's Commissions ◈ [Open] [0/3]

    Hello All~ My name's Maple! I am only about less than a year old in this community and I have found myself rather in love with drawing anthros ever since. So I will be here offering you my services as it will help me quite a lot .w.' !! I apologise for the wall of text incoming. * * TERMS OF...
  19. D

    Need your help, pals!

    Hello there, folks. I want to tell you my story. I was registered on FA since 2013 and that was really great, I was able to work online and that was all I need! And I drew some NSFW content sometimes, of course. Well, it ended up really bad in April 2016 - one weird person started to persecute...
  20. Judah

    ❣Open! Drawing any character you wish (bust, full body, colored, ect)!❣

    Heya, I'm currently doing character/sona drawings for quick and cheap! Message me for orders, and please include this quick bit of info so I can get to your artwork as fast as possible. -Character Name(optional): -Full body or Bust: -Character ref(s): -Desired pose/expression: -Colored or black...