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art commissions

  1. T

    Artist Needing Commission

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning a work? anything from sketches to full colored artworks, either to be posted as a digital art, or mailed if that is preferred. Please get back to me! I'm new to the furry community, but I've been an artist for a while. Prices for...
  2. T

    Furry Art Commissions

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in commissioning a work? anything from sketches to full colored artworks, either to be posted as a digital art, or mailed if that is preferred. Please get back to me! I'm new to the furry community, but I've been an artist for a while. Prices for...
  3. AlleycatIrony

    new and ready to jump right into comms

    yo my name's kodi and i'm doing commissions! since i'm a new face around furaffinity i figured i could make a post here abt it :0 some recent examples: (last one's a friend's oc so credit for the character goes to him) here's my commission info if anyone's interested! (better...
  4. KagetheShadow

    Art Shop (Cheap - USD)

    Greetings, I am in need of a few dollars due to me losing my job as of recently. So I decided to open up for commissions to pay for the last bit of this month's rent. Which is only $90's that I cant pay at the moment without help. Here are my prices: Sketches: $5 - Due to how pricing works...
  5. amarula

    Quality art for cheap! (image heavy)

    Hello! I'm looking to take commissions for USD, and my pricing I hope is very affordable! This is going to be a simple thread, I've just joined and aren't too sure on the works. Here is my DA for contacting me and more/other examples: CourtneyNM on DeviantArt Examples: Lined and shaded...
  6. DeinosWyrd


    Hey everyone! I wanna start doing some anthro commissions (or really, anything), I'm a 3rd year art student. I haven't done much furry work, but its something I'm really good at naturally!! ^_^ My website: missjennamcc.wixsite.com: Home | Deinos Wyrd I am mainly...
  7. Soji

    Commissions Open!

    I can do digital or traditional. Can be laminated and shipped! I can also be contacted through deviantart (Mystery-Mutt on DeviantArt
  8. crocutacrocuta

    $10 Sketch Commission Sale

    Hey, you can call me Gabe. I'm new around here, so please be gentle with me... Anyway, I'm doing sketch commissions! All flat color for $10 each. All waist up. Examples here: I will do: -Humans -Furries -Animals -Dragons I won't do: -Robots 4 Slots only. Slot 1: Open Slot 2: Open...
  9. ksilvsart

    Digital Art/Traditional art/Comic pages starting at 15$

    Hello, I'm a professional comic book artist and illustrator looking for drawing/illustration/comic commissions, Prices start at 15$ and go up from there. You can either get a digital file via e-mail or if you want it printed there will be separate fee for shipping Samples of my work: I...
  10. schnelly

    kat's art shop! [new]

    hi there!! i'm a relatively new member of fur affinity (while i've had my account for a bit, i haven't been interacting) and i'd love to do some commissions in my free time while i study! i do not draw gore/nsfw/things of that manner, as a disclaimer! here are some examples of recent works...
  11. Mataki

    Mat's commissions

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to commission me. I mostly draw canines but I also can draw reptiles. Feral/sfw/nsfw ! Prices can be found here: http://karomataki.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-info-OPEN-627052656 I hope someone will be interested haha. Have a nice day!
  12. Cutieno

    Cutieno's Art/Commissions

    On this thread I'll be posting commissions I've made and random art I've done :) If you're interested in a commission check out my Furaffinity account: Cutieno Some of my recent Art:
  13. ColdSoul

    Trades Open!! Freelance Illustrator looking to trade!

    Hi peeps I am a freelance illustrator by profession trade and I am currently open for art trades and will trade art for your art or nsfw fanfics. I mostly want work of my character Phoenix (a Borzoi dog soldier) and either partnered with Chief Bogo for zootopia or Kai from Kung fu panda 3. If...
  14. Bunnyonthefence

    Artist Available for projects and/or commissions

    Hello! My name is Nichole and i'm an artist for fun *Saitama face here plz* Lately i've seen many people post job offers for all sort of really cool jobs, and since i'm in the mood to join a project i'm offering my services ´ω` I can do sketches, comics, storyboards and ilustrations. I'm also...
  15. ColdSoul

    Trade art for NSFW writings

    Hi peeps I am open for art trades and will trade art for a smut fanfic with my Character Phoenix (a Borzoi dog) and Kai from Kung fu panda 3. For every 1000 words you will get a piece of artwork so for example 3000 word will be worth 3 art trades. I will draw anything apart from a couple of...
  16. I

    Fullpage traditional art

    I'm selling full composition traditional commissions, meant to be drawn in a more fantasylike fashion. My prices are as shown, but a slight complexity charge will be added to more detailed characters. These will be drawn and colored on mixed media or bristol paper, using your choice of copics...
  17. AthosVDS

    Looking for support

    I'm an artist and i need money support, please help me if you can, share my art or buy a commission I'm sure i wont dissapoint you <3 Userpage of athosvds -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  18. R

    Looking for someone to do a drawing

    Hey everyone! I've been a furry for years now but I finally made an account on this site today. Anyways, I have this really weird circumstance in which I would love it if someone could draw my fursona Okay basically, I have a prepaid Visa card with somewhere between 8$-15$ on it (I spent some...
  19. OpticFurry

    NSFW / Hentai ART TRADE

    What is up guys !!!!!!!!o_O If your a fan of anime, hentai, furry , and must more I would love to challenge my self and draw or trade art with you guys and or girls. lol so come on down and check my page out !! : Userpage of opticfurry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I do do commission so if you...
  20. Deerface

    New Here :)

    Hi! I'm an art student and I've always loved drawing animals and stuff. I recently got commissioned to draw someone's fursona and thought it was pretty fun, honestly. I'd love to help you if you need some art! Hope you have a nice day :) ( Here's my facebook page if you're interested ...