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art commissions

  1. Dritazura

    Commissions open!

    Hey guys so I need a little help trying to make some extra cash on the side while I am currently unemployed looking for a job. Need to help out with bills and were low on food and what not because of it. Just trying to get my name out there is all! :) I'll pretty much draw anything but some...
  2. Tentacle Queen

    $5-$10 Commissions Open!

    I'm trying to make enough money to pay for some bills and feed my cats. I will be willing to draw anything just not reference sheets. Paypal to paypal preferred. Thank you very much for your time. Here's some examples of my work: Artwork Gallery for TentacleQueen -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. purcival

    Selling Waist ups/Busts, Digital Badges!

    Hi everyone! Doing some quick waist ups for a convention portfolio, and digital badges - meaning you must be able to laminate and etc yourself. (However, in the near future, I'll be able to laminate myself, so if you've ordered a badge now and don't mind waiting after the digital is finished...
  4. SanguineAllure

    YCH - Hand Painted Plauqe (And more)

    Hey! I'm sellin hand painted wooden plaques that feature your OC or any character you'd like! Each plaque comes hand painted in acrylic paint and ready to hang :3 Im also offering traditional drawings that can be painted, colored in pencil or chalk. I can do digital drawings as well, but I am...
  5. MajerUrsa

    Commissions are OPEN (For me)

    Yup! If you're lookin' for a commission and need an artist, I'm here for ya! If ya need a reference for my stuff Userpage of majerursa -- Fur Affinity [dot] net here ya go! I'll charge $10(USD) for a full body Lineart. $15 for Lineart with shading detail. $20 for full body and full colour...
  6. gokusan

    Commissions Open

    I also do reference sheets and character designs as well. Base price for reference sheets start at $30 USD. Basic reference sheets come with a body and bust image. Add $2.50 USD per accessory image and $5 USD per extra body and bust shots. Character revamp base price starts at $30 USD. They...