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art critique

  1. mudkhep

    Seeking Critique and/or Resources for Beaks

    Hi! I'm Khep, and not traditionally a furry artist, but now that I'm playing DND on the reg, I'm drawing fewer human characters and really want to expand my skillset. There are a lot of tutorials I've found for mammals, but a lot less for birds & reptiles (fewer still for beaks in particular)...
  2. Xyra

    Lovely to meet you :) wanna talk art?

    Hello! This is my first post and kind of an important one to me. For so long I’ve struggled to comfortable with who I am and that has always caused so many hurdles in my life. Especially in my art. I am finally learning how to harness a sense of expression and identity and in this, learning...
  3. Kope

    Critique: Art style inconsistent

    This maybe why not a lot on twitter like my art but just wanted a second opinion as to how to be more consistent so people like my art
  4. mixpomdog

    Critique: Looking for way to improve my art style!

    Hello! Im glad to be back on this website. Anyhow like I said im looking in ways of improving. Like anatomy and shading. Here are my art examples human examples:
  5. SoniatheSquishy

    Critique: Been Trying Something New Stylistically- Want Opinions

    I've been doing the same thing with my art for a while, and I think I hit somewhere I'm a little happier with- but I still want the opinions of third parties. Is this a decent style to settle on and develop or should I keep looking for something new- what do you like or not like about the style...
  6. A

    Critique: critique request on this mew (NSFW)

    As the title says, could i get some feedback on this piece www.furaffinity.net: mew shiny 1.5 by asdruballe i mainly seek advice on how to stand out more the character against the background and for general error i have missed P.S. i use clip studio thanks in advance
  7. Threadwing

    My Favorite Art (Please Critique!)

    Oh goodness I hope this posts right. I’ve never, ever been big on posting in forums/chatting with people online, so I’m just sort of hoping I’ve linked these photos correctly Anyway, I’m new to FA and getting back into furry art after a very long hiatus. I think my art style has majorly...
  8. B455-W07F

    Critique on Possible Print?

    A few months ago I asked for a critique on a WIP (well, maybe more than I few months ago, considering the theme of the print series was 'Colorful Cocktails' for summer...) anyways, I finally finished the first print this evening, but it doesn't feel finished? Maybe its just me? If there was...
  9. Arlethallan

    New icon opinions wanted

    Hey y'all i made a new icon for myself,and i really like it,but it still looks kind of wonky, so could y'all telling if it looks weird to y'all, cus i just can figure out why it looks off. The icon in question:
  10. B455-W07F

    Need Critique on Print Idea!

    Hello all! So I came up with the concept of my first print series a few weeks ago- a series of prints based on bright, colorful summer cocktails, so the series title is 'Colorful Cocktails' (woo so original.) I asked my followers on FurryAmino on what the first print idea would be based on...
  11. Tsuko-chi

    Critique Tsuko-Chi for fun!!

    Hello! My URL in FA is tsuko-chi. I have started drawing anthros a while ago, and was wondering if my art is working? Anthro's are easy to make awkward and wonky, so tips on technicalities are my super helpful! Ultimately I dont have lots of works to show but whatever is prevalently bad go...

    New character design, what?

    Hi folks, so after slipping and slamming on the damn stairs i realize – it’s so much better to ask others to think for you. I would like to hear your ideas, for, well, anthropomorphic character design, please. By the way, what do you think about my artwork down below? Thanks!?:confused:
  13. AlleycatIrony


    hey y'all i'm new here and was interested in some art critiques since this is the first time i've rly drawn anthros? some examples of my art: some tips and tricks for proportions and stuff would be good :3c (first pic is a friends oc, so credit for the character goes to him)
  14. DLewis28

    Some helpful Tipsbut

    I'm if anyone would be interested in browsing my art gallery on Fur Affinity? I have made some digital art pieces, but I don't know how goo they are. I don't seem to making much of a impact on people or fan-base. Please help me. Here's a link to my art profile\gallery. Userpage of dlewis28 --...
  15. DLewis28

    Some helpful art advice

    I'm trying to get my art notice. here's a link to one of my art pieces. please let me know what you think. www.furaffinity.net: The Friendly Skunk by DLewis28
  16. H

    what do you think of my art?

    wanted to see what people think of my art and if there any helpful tid bit anyone could toss my way so if you think it help please tell me as i really would like to improve my self. things i know i need to improve on are defiantly facial expressions and background as i'm in a defiant 50/50 area...
  17. A

    Requesting Critique NSFW!!!

    Hello I would like to request some constructive critique for my latest art piece please? Just fire everything you have i can take it ^^ Link is very NSFW! www.furaffinity.net: Big Weapons by The_Koopa_Trooper NSFW! Also heres my gallery if you may want to take a look Warning also NSFW...