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art discord

  1. Aurento

    Art Trade event happening in Furry Art Improvement Discord right now!

    Hello! I have made a furry art discord in hopes that we can offer valid critiques and advice on how we can improve our art! Non-artists and those in other art fields are welcome to join as well, though we will primarily focus drawing. I'm new to both these forums and Discord, so any help would...
  2. Aurento

    Hello! Looking for members to join an art improvement discord!

    Hello everyone! I have been part of the furry fandom for a while now, though this is my first time posting in any social platform. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I mostly created this account to gauge interest on a discord to help each other improve our skills in art. I'm...
  3. Foxex

    Looking for active art Discords

    Hello fellow Furs I'm currently looking for an active discord of Furry artists where I can share my own work, receive feedback, give feedback, participate in potential art-trades or collabs, etc. if any1 knows of any or is apart of one, I would love to join Thanks all.