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art exchange

  1. KhramChee

    Art Trade: Taking Art Trades - CLOSED

    I need to practice unusual animals, that is anything that is NOT a canine or feline. I've decided to open a small thread on twitter where I'll be posting both sides of the trades. My turn in time is normally up to 7 days after trade is accepted ♥ I offer one colored fullbody, but you can draw...
  2. TheCoyoteQueen

    Secret Santa- Art Exchange? Any Going On?

    Is there anything like that going on anthro/furry or feral art? I really wanted to enter one this year since its been since 2009 since I participated in a Secret Santa on DA. Any links would be wonderful. I am probably too late anyway. Or is there an event similar but I only give art instead...
  3. FreedomOfaPhoenix

    Bored. Anyone up for an art exchange (free art if inspiring enough)?

    Hey, everyone out there. I'm currently bored, and looking to do some quick art exchanges for the fun of it. Might even consider to give out free art if your idea seems like something I can't pass up.
  4. SataNats


    [Bad english alert!!!] Well, hello everyone! I am very new in the fur fandom aaaaand I want to improve my art. Things have been pretty hard (very, very hard, really) and I would love to do some comissions and get some money, but I kinda suck, yea. So I want to do some free stuff, at least once...
  5. Jojer

    I miss the old LJ Secret-Santa style art exchanges... Anyone still do these?

    Is there any particular site where this is still an active thing? I usually only see it held within niche groups on DA or forums. I'd love to either see it started up here or maybe on a site that can facilitate a regular weekly or monthly exchange, or both.