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art freebies

  1. miss_samychan

    Free Art: Art, Customs, Redesigns

    Welcome to my art freebies, redesigns and customs! I'm offering those and they're most likely always open BUT I will only do them when I feel like it. Otherwise we can do an art trade or you can commission me, once they're open (soon). Will draw Most ferals (felines, canines,...) Dragons...
  2. Sugardraw

    ♥ free headshots ♥

    Hi everyone! I want to draw headshots of your cute characters. (Might do pixel icons) I won't be able to draw every single one, but I will pick a few. No first comes first. I enjoy to draw: dogs, foxes, bunnies and cats. Cute, fluffy characters! (SFW) I can make anthro/furry or feral...
  3. Rosetriss

    Free Art: &Request-- New to the community! Trades open!

    Greetings! :) I'm wanting to get some practice in and also have some requests of my own. I just joined the community not too long ago (officially), I've always been a lurker! Feel free to post your requests! I'm a pretty slow artist, so be warned. I'm currently open to pretty much everything...
  4. Mellydrop

    Free Art: FREE PORTRAIT RAFFLE - I will randomly draw a thread-participant and paint their OC

    Hi everyone! I'm feeling excited to draw someone's character :) Commissioning someone can sometimes feel daunting, so I wanted to give out a freebie. I will be sketching the winner's OC of this Raffle in this style: --------------------------------------------- To participate: 1. Add a Watch...
  5. LunaTrash

    Free Art: Free Chibi headshots~

    ✦ Hey guys ✦ Offering 3 chili headshot slots of my choice! Comment below and I'll choose my favorites. Check out my work @ Userpage of LunaTrash -- Fur Affinity [dot] net ✦ Cant wait! ✦
  6. Yanachii

    Calling all Dragons and Reptiles!

    Hey all! I want to sketch some dragons but I'll also consider any other form of reptile! Birds are also a possibility, so feel free to request those as well. I do have a stipulation, however: I will need a proper visual reference. I will only draw existing characters and as such, I will not...
  7. 2DFIEND

    FREE ART!!! [on hold]

    chibis are so great to make... here's an example of one i just made comment below with a ref of your character!!! i can do ferals AND anthros, anything tbh but nsfw furaffinity: Userpage of ceIine -- Fur Affinity [dot] net deviantart: ceIine on DeviantArt
  8. Yanachii

    Open Call! Drawing Your Anthros and Animals

    Hi all! I have yet to really dip my toes into things so I thought, what better way to do that than to open up a freebie thread? So here I am! I'd love to get more practice drawing anthros, so if y'all'd be so kind as to offer up some characters for me to draw that'd be fantastic! I also love...