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art raffle

  1. H

    Art raffle

    you can participate here :3
  2. kekreationsart

    Free Art: FREE portrait raffle!

    Hello everyone! I'm hosting a free art raffle over on my FA account if anyone is interested in entering! I'll be choosing 1 character to do a free portrait bust of once I reach 100 followers! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47947139/ MUST ENTER ON THE ORIGINAL POST LINKED ABOVE, NOT ON THIS...
  3. Eszieboo

    5k Followers on Twitter! Art Raffle! Win a drawing of your OC!

    Hello, fellow furry peps! I just passed 5k followers on Twitter, which calls for an art raffle! Participate in order to win a drawing of your OC. In order to participate in the raffle, head over to the tweet here and follow the rules: https://twitter.com/eszieboo/status.....PKW_WQRCX0MbLw I...
  4. H


    if you wish to participate you can enter here :3 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47711975/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/47711975/
  5. geeswest

    Free Art: 2 slots YCH raffle

    I'm hosting an art raffle in my twitter! Check it out Rules: -Follow me -Retweet -You can try your luck on both slots by making two tweets The end is on October 1 Good luck!! <3
  6. malmichschwarz


    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38724088/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38724088/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38724088/ YASS!! here comes third boi (or girl) any species, any gender that has tits, any bra and shirt color. bra may be changed a bit or taken off. stuff such as necklaces...
  7. malmichschwarz


    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38722604/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38722604/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38722604/ ahh yess!! here comes second ych!! any species, any gender that has ass, any tail, any background color. stuff such as pant(ie)s or underwear, slap/bitemarks, etc...
  8. breakfastzone

    Free Art: Icon Raffle!

    Hi everyone! I'm hosting a raffle over on my Twitter for a free shaded bust icon! Examples of the artwork I'm offering: The raffle ends August 1st! It must be retweeted and you must be following me in order to quality to win. The winner will be chosen randomly via a generator. Good luck!
  9. Feralteddy

    Free Art: Free Art Raffle #2! Click for Info

    **UPDATE 5/25/20: Raffle #2 will be happening once I hit 75 watchers on Furaffinity! Same rules from last time apply for this one, too. The closed raffle link is below.** -------------------------------- www.furaffinity.net: Free Art Raffle! Click for Info by feralteddy Here's all you gotta...
  10. kakaodieb

    Free Art: [NSFW + SFW] FREE Art Raffle!

    ENDS TOMORROW (31st)!! ___________________________ Hello everyone! :D First time posting here, but I should really try to be more active in the forums...... anyway, that's not why you clicked on this thread! I'm currently holding a free art raffle over on my FA profile, celebrating reaching...
  11. Renneon

    Free Art: Quick Raffle ! closed

    I'm hosting a quick raffle on FA, I decided i might as well post in the forum too ♫ It ends on april 5, and you can win a colored & shaded retro portrait of your character ♪ Join here !
  12. teacozy1

    Free Art: Art Raffle~!

    Decided to do an art raffle since its been a while. This time I'm going to offer up two places for this art raffle. What I will offer for this is a fully shaded picture. Just comment bellow saying you want a place. I'll announce the winners on Saturday. If your curious about more of my art you...
  13. VrasXaalka

    Free Art: Art Raffle [Ends Nov 30]

    Hi, I'm hosting an art raffle over on twitter for some chibi work. There are 2 winners and I don't have many followers so there is a higher chance of you winning something. Come test your luck! Since these are chibis, I will not be doing NSFW/fetish/kink things. I do offer NSFW/fetish/kink...
  14. dzorek

    Free Art: Art Raffle (to help my portfolio)

    Hey guys! I'm kinda new to the furry fandom and I'm trying to gather examples of work for future commissions so I'm offering a raffle here on furaffinity. The actual raffle will take place on FA and the entries that get entered are only those who post on the journal itself. Rules are simple...
  15. awnie

    Free Art: Free NSFW Art Raffle

    [NSFW] Enter here! www.furaffinity.net: [FREE YCH RAFFLE] futanari pegging by awnie
  16. breakfastzone

    Free Art: ART RAFFLE!

    Hey! I'm holding an art raffle over on my Twitter. All you have to do to enter is comment here (anything random works), follow my twitter and retweet the tweet! There will be multiple winners. First place receives a doodle page of up to 4 drawings, second place receives a bust shot, and if I...
  17. planetaryrings

    Ollie's Weekly Raffle Thread [paused, on hold]

    raffle is on hold, thanks folks On top of commissions and adopts, I want to be expanding my portfolio often and also get more folks in my audience! So, I'm going to start a weekly art raffle here on FAF Here's some examples of my art! ⭐⭐Rules to Enter⭐⭐ - Do as many entry point actions...
  18. Renneon

    ♫ Free art raffle ! ♫

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to get a little more visibility so i decided to post on the forum too, I'm sure some of you are interested in free art haha ! You have to be a watcher to participate ! The inscriptions will close on december 15 th, ♪ Here are the prizes if you're interested ! • 1st...
  19. AzureKiteUsagi

    Free Art Raffle!! [CLOSED]

    CLOSED Thank you everyone for participating!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First time making a thread, so sorry if anything seems weird or off. I'm holding a raffle over on FurAffinity, anyone can join and the deadline isn't...
  20. The King of Trash

    Free art raffle!

    You know it! You love it! It's time for another art raffle! I have all of the details over here: www.furaffinity.net: Return of the FREE ART RAFFLE! -- The_King_of_Trash's Journal (I am also open for commissions and trades! Note me for any details)