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art request

  1. T

    Request: Would someone please draw my character kemono-style. (SFW)

    Hi I'm Tanuki. My character (which is pretty much is me) is a Tanuki (Japanese Raccoon Dog). Tanukis are not related to dogs or raccoons. But they're related to foxes. 1. It has to be anthro, Not feral. 2. It has to be kemono-style. 3. It has to be SFW, not NSFW. This is a Tanuki.
  2. corpsdoll

    Request: Please just a crumb of art uwu

    Heya! So glad the forums are back ;w; While the site was down, I managed to completely redesign my sona...which means I really would appreciate some art of her ;w; her toyhou.se: https://toyhou.se/8222011.maeve She does have a heart piercing in each ear, and a brown heart on both cheeks. The...
  3. A

    Request: Looking to take request

    A friend of mine suggested I draw more anthro like characters then mainly pokemon. So ill try taking his advice and take request. I'm just hoping my brain will work for me for once and further refine my art skills. Either simple stuff or more complex things. So i do hope to see what you've got...
  4. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Chunkify My Hyena

    Can someone who is skilled at drawing thicker boddied females revamp my Hyena, I'd like her to be curvier, full bodied, got a gut, thick body bushy wild hair, nose ring and gauges and have her hair be some unique two tone hair color (artists choice as I'm terrible at matching and complementing...
  5. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Anyone up to drawing my old fursona? She needs some art.

    If you have any questions on her personality and stuff, feel free to ask! but otherwise I'd love to see what you draw for her, just be creative, but keep it cute and safe please.
  6. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: [Challenge] Gender Bend My Protogen

    Like I wanna start doing RPs but my Protogen isn't sexy I am looking for an artist who can take him and sexify him, like make him absolutely irresistible here are reference photos.
  7. corpsdoll

    Request: LF art of my big kitty girl!!

    Hii I adopted a beautiful baby today and I just rly wanted to get some art of her ;w; If anyone could draw her, it would mean the absolute WORLD to me!! Please and thank you for your time and consideration!! (Extras; She's slightly chubby, her eyes are a blush pink, and she's a tiger!
  8. A

    Request: Looking to take request

    Once more I am here looking to try and take request but thats if my brain works like usual. Sfw or Nsfw ill do my best. Post a ref bellow or general idea and ill work my magic. Thank you very much and hopefully by tomorrow ill see many wonderful faces to try and doodle.
  9. A

    looking to take request once more

    as the tittle says i am looking to take request once more from big or small to interesting or simple and thank you all
  10. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Human OC art request!

    If possible if I could get some art of my wholesome lil sailor bab I'd really be happy and appreciate it! Keep it cute and safe!
  11. SakuraKitsune

    Request: Looking for art of my pony oc-

    Draw her as you will! she loves rainy weather and splashing in puddles, she's a shy lil one at first but she's very friendly once getting to know her better.
  12. A

    Taking request

    It feels like one of those days once more to ask for request or ideas since i feel as though i got art block or some other force is just telling me to do nothing. I wanna try to draw something but nothing is working like at all so your help is appreciated.
  13. N

    Request: Maybe some more art of my fox Violet?

    She's normally calm, peace-loving and quiet. Sometimes she can be flustered/embarrassed when someone's acting flirty toward her? This smol fox also tries making new friends, she kinda is shy most of the time though, and isn't the greatest at socializing. Some reference images of her...
  14. A

    Slow day taking request

    Looking to take some request im in an art kind of mood and hopefully will see if my brain will work with me. Just post your ref or idea bellow and i will se if I can do my magic
  15. A

    another day another request

    Greetings all of you i am here today once more looking to try and take some request. I had a lot of fun last time doing a request from many of you. Some i didn't due thanks to my brain not wanting to co-operate but today i wanna try again. I dont know what I'm feeling for so just send me a ref...
  16. ThefriendlyFurry

    Art Trade: My two exotic OCs Need Art

    So rent kicked my paychecks ass more than i excpected, so i have two characters a Hyena and a Raptor who are just text. Does anyone mind doing a trade? I have a few OCs I don't use and would gladly trade 2 for the two characters. I will glaldy commission the artists who i trade with once my...
  17. A

    Looking to take request

    Slow day and i have art block like usual so I'm here looking to take request. Large or small, nsfw or sfw, and anything in between. So i do have some rules like many other artist mainly nothing gorey, involving toilet play, or loli like things. I draw in both traditional and digital forms. I do...
  18. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Will Trade OCs for Protogen OC

    Okay so I wanna get more art of my first Protogen, however there are some issues; Its a unique race for sonas but I have no money (rent and bills >~<), i also don't really know what i want and would appreciate an artist that wouldn't mind brainstorming with me despite this being a free request...
  19. CaptainNovae

    Free Art: Free Art Requests ~

    I would like to start doing commissions soon but first I wanted to brush up on my skills since I haven't drawn furry stuff all that much. Hence the reason I'm doing free art requests. I do intend to use the pieces I draw for a future portfolio, so just keep that in mind. Comment with character...
  20. XxSkyressxX

    Free Art: Free Art Requests!! [NSFW/SFW accepted]

    I'm currently in college and in need of some money from commissions. I'll be honest I haven't drawn furries in eons so I would love the practice and create a bit of a portfolio for when I actually charge for commissions. By requesting art, please note that I intend to use my art as an example...