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art requests

  1. Feralteddy

    I'm out of practice - taking a few requests

    I haven't drawn in months, work has kept me extremely busy. I'm happy to take a few requests, just looking to do some basic character sketching. Nothing fancy. Just a quick example of my style:
  2. DovePenguin

    Request: Looking for someone to draw my penguin!

    His stomach is white and he wears a fancy hat with a yellow feather. I would love to see the penguin wearing shorts, underwear, fancy suit, swimsuits, thigh highs, sandals, etc. SFW and NSFW is fine. If you draw anything NSFW, link it through a FA link or DM me! My FA to see more pictures of my...
  3. A

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades and requests NSFW and SFW both welcome

    Im looking to expand my portfolio to take commissions very soon! Please allow me to draw your beautiful characters :3 (sorry if I dont reply, it means Im not interested ^^") I need money to move out of my parents house and get my ear checked with a specialized dr (it doesnt let me sleep...
  4. S

    Request: I'm new to the fandom and was wondering if anyone would like to draw me and someone else as a animal

    Hello I’m new here, and I was wondering if someone would like to draw me and him into an animal. I have references.
  5. Roygbiv.

    Art requests / Trades

    I'll draw anything but nsfw/fetish. Send away.
  6. miss_samychan

    Free Art: free feral sketches to improve myself

    hey there! I do have currently an art shop open and I want to improve myself, so I thought I'll offer some free art. I'm just asking for a little time and an honest feedback in return. It would really help! I currently can only do feral/ animals and my first step would be to improve myself...
  7. foolsgoldie

    Free Art: requests for art practice :]

    hiya! i just got back into art after a good two years of only occasionally sketching, and i want to start practicing drawing furries; only problem being i don’t have any ocs yet! so— please link the character and important details if you want! i won’t do anything nsfw or suggestive (i’m a...
  8. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Chunkify My Hyena

    Can someone who is skilled at drawing thicker boddied females revamp my Hyena, I'd like her to be curvier, full bodied, got a gut, thick body bushy wild hair, nose ring and gauges and have her hair be some unique two tone hair color (artists choice as I'm terrible at matching and complementing...
  9. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: [Challenge] Gender Bend My Protogen

    Like I wanna start doing RPs but my Protogen isn't sexy I am looking for an artist who can take him and sexify him, like make him absolutely irresistible here are reference photos.
  10. G

    Free Art: Character Art Requests

    Hi all! I'm looking to practice my art more/build my portfolio as well as have some pieces to display for commissions. I don't really have much of a portfolio yet, so I can't provide any recent samples. I'll probably only take a few requests to start, so sorry if I don't pick yours. :c It might...
  11. RazorTheFox

    Request: Does anyone wanna draw my new sona

    I got a new sona named Koda and here's the ref sheet
  12. Mr. Shigglesworth

    Free Art: Rule 34 Requests?

    I need to do some warmups, and feel like drawin some Rule 34 since I don't really do it much on my own. That means I'll draw porn of your favorite character from your favorite TV show, video game, comic, anime, or whatever the hell. Maybe. So, I'll just offer a couple small doodles/sketches...
  13. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Turn me into to a Furry!

    Okay so for the past few years I've been using the sa,e fursona my lovingly thick and manly fox, but it got me thinking; I'm not really like a fox. So to see what happens i, gonna do a little request, I'm gonna tell you a little about me then I'm gonna post 2 selfies. I want an artist to take...
  14. ThefriendlyFurry

    Can Someone’s Draw my OCs Daughter?

    My fursona and one of his mates recently spent a long passionate night and miraculously their seed and eggs mixed. The pictures below are the mother and father is like someone that to draw their 12 year old daughter. Noah is sly, charming, thick, and very lovable if a little hot headed and...
  15. MissMink

    Taking Requests to Help Me Improve! (CLOSED)

    Hey all! So it's been a while since I've drawn anthro art and I figured what better way to get back into the game, improve my portfolio, and hopefully make some new friends then offer some free art? :-D I guarantee absolutely nothing, but I hope to do some head shots/busts either as sketches or...
  16. eggyulks

    Taking requests... Again. *sigh*

    Open again bc I need practice- //gets slapped Aaaaaanyway I'm opening requests again... but with a twist. I want to practice certain subjects, so I'll pick random 3 (or more) people to draw their characters... as long as they fit any one of the criteria I'm searching for. - Has scales and...
  17. Puppy Doll

    After Hours Doodles & Art Trades

    Hii, every buddy! Living far away from the states I'm often online when few other people are. But I wanna chat and draw for people, so here I am! So post your refs and I'll make you a sketch. If I like your character, I may eventually make it full color even. I need to expand my portfolio so...
  18. parkfae

    free practice art, unlimited slots

    hiya! i'm basically just looking to get some practice, but i get tired of doing it with my own characters all the time! read the rules below & maybe i'll draw something for ya~ i do both digital drawing & pixel art! i'm taking unlimited slots, but i'm not drawing everyone who requests...
  19. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need My Last OC Request.

    Okay I’ve been on the forums for a while and I have asked for a lot Of requests (not out of choice I’ve offered to write in exchange but ya) and recently something’s have happened and MIGHT be in line to finally start making money. For that I’m asking for Requests for my last two OCs, after...
  20. ThefriendlyFurry

    [NSFW] Would Like a Pose of My Zebra

    Ok so thanks to a very kind Tumblr user they went and made this reference sheet for one of my does; Mira is an elegant and regal Zebra and I would like it if someone could draw a simple picture of her in a dress or something formal with a basic background. Please note that she is roughly 5'9 so...