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art requests

  1. ThefriendlyFurry

    [NSFW] Need a Quick Pic

    ok so I need a simple quick pick done of my OC and another OC I have, I know NSFW embedded content is against the rules so I guess link it to me since I'm over 18 and have a FA account or simply pm me... I guess. Anyway if interested pleas comment or PM.
  2. ThefriendlyFurry

    Need a Quick outfit made!

    ok so all I need is a quick outfit consisting of a black hoodie (hood over his head), a purple and gold hockey mask covering his face, Jeans, sneakers, and leather gloves. Here is Sean's Ref Sheet Below I also included a chibi outfit as a reference.
  3. Colonel-Bear

    ~~FREE ART~~ ((FULL))

    Hi, I'm new to furry art and would love to do a few requests to help build my portfoilo! Art is free but tips are always appreciated if you're feeling generous. <3 Throw some characters and Ideas at me in this thread or via PM More examples here: Userpage of colonel-bear -- Fur Affinity...
  4. causticFiredrake

    Taking MLP requests for a short time. (30 minutes until Close)

    All done digitally. They do take a while so they may not be all done today, but will ALL be done. No detailed backgrounds. Please only use characters you have at least one picture/reference for, I can't work from a description. Examples HERE Doing both Canon ponies and OCs. Open for 30 minutes...
  5. AngstyAlb

    Taking Some Art Requests

    So I'm pretty new to all this, but I'd like to find some more subjects to draw to build up more example pieces for my gallery. To look at examples of my work you may find them here: Artwork Gallery for AngstyAlb -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I can draw anthros and humans, possibly feral work but...
  6. ThefriendlyFurry

    [Closed] I Would Like Someone to Draw My OCs If They Want to and Are Able to Do So.

    Ok So I have several OC's that are currently just ref sheets (Name, age, background, etc.) But i have no art for them because: A). I don't have the software nor time to digitally draw them, nor do I have the money to spend on commissions. B). I wanna use this as an opportunity to not only meet...
  7. Pteri

    Ref Sheet needed

    I need a reference sheet for one of my ocs. She's a dragoness so if you can draw that (for free) and you're willing to, I can send you some info on her and what I want :3
  8. feaxxae

    Sona Request

    Hi, I my self am bad at drawing and asking to someone out there to help me in creating my fursona. Everytime I try my self I keep failing at doing it and throw the results away... I wouldn't be able to thank you enough if you help me out =^w^= My species is a Fox with a snow white...
  9. Zydama

    I wanna make some fluffy friends ovo

    Hey there! I'm Jenn, Zydama on FA and on DeviantArt. Honestly I just came to the forums because I'm lonely AF. I see all these great artists with big friend circles and I want to get in on that! The novelty of just chatting and trading art between friends is this sweet dream I'm reaching for...
  10. A

    Hello everyone!

    I am new to FurAffinity, and the whole general online fursona scene in general. It's nice to meet you all. While I'm posting here, I'd also like to ask if anyone who draws may be able to do up an illustration of my fursona, as he has no representation yet. I would greatly appreciate it. Aside...
  11. SpiritWolf15

    Male Anthro Wolf Request (Because I suck at computer Drawing)

    So recently I was trying to draw an anthro wolf. After completion(even though it was horrible since I'm not a very good artist.) I realised that I had no way to get it onto my computer. So after dying inside for a bit I tossed it out and moved on. So I have come here to see if a kind soul would...