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art sales

  1. PiedPipecleaner

    (Commission) Selling: Pied's Art Place {OPEN - $10+ - SFW} Sketches | Flat Color | Full-Color | Ref Sheets | Icons

    Pied's Art Place She/Her, Call me Pied or Quetz I'll draw pretty much anything as long as it's not nsfw, feel free to ask if you're not sure. _______________________________________ Commission Info...
  2. H


    Hello, everyone! My name is Rosemary and I created an FF because I really really want to start drawing for the furry community <3 It's a big passion of mine and I finally let myself actually start interacting! (I also do d&d commissions, though!) My commissions are done through ko-fi - a site...
  3. Catapat

    (Commission) Selling: Hnai's Art Shop ($10 to $100+) SFW and NSFW

    Hi there! My name is Hnai, i'm a digital artist that specializes in fantasy art. I can draw anything, from furries to humans to mechas. <3 Here's my commissions site with prices: hnaicommissions.weebly.com: HNAI'S COMMISSIONS: OPEN Deviantart: Hnai - Student, Digital Artist | DeviantArt Feel...
  4. BagheeraLeopard

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions (open) €5-30

    ☆★☆ COMMISSION PRICE-LIST ☆★☆ ╭───────╯• ✧ •╰───────╮ ★Flatcolor★ Headshot - €10 Halfbody - €15 Fullbody - €20 ★Fullart★ Headshot - €15 Halfbody - €20 Fullbody - €30 ╰───────╮• ✧ •╭───────╯ ★Extra★ ╭─────────╯• ✧ •╰─────────╮ Individually for each character ✧ Wings ✧ S - €3 M - €6 L - €10 ✧...
  5. A

    New furry artist shop!

    Hello! I"m new to the community, hoping to meet some new friends and practice my work! <3 Payments over Paypal I'll only take payment after I'm done Thank you for looking! Headshots - $10 Busts - $15 Full body - $20
  6. Catapat

    Hnai's Commissions // First time around // 25% Sale

    Hi there! <3 My name is Hnai, i'm a digital artist that can draw pretty much anything you can think of. You can even pm me for non-furry commissions and note me on deviantart if you wish something else that does not fit on Furaffinity. <3 I'm doing a beginning of the year sale, with discounts...
  7. bluezcherry

    (Commission) Selling: bluezcherry's commissions

    I've decided to open up commissions! :D I'll respond to dms, replies to this thread, or you can email me at differentjasper@gmail.com. Or, fill out this form! :) More examples on my Furaffinity: Userpage of bluezcherry -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Slots: taken EMPTY EMPTY I also have a ko-fi...
  8. BeautifulBasil

    (Commission) Selling: [$10+] Cute! Anime cartoon and chibi commissions!!

    Basils Art Shop! Hello! I'm so glad you've stopped by! Call me Fearless!, and I am the sole proprietor of this shop, I make cute and fun stylized pieces of art using vibrant colors and fun shapes to create art that's sure to make you smile! Please read what I've written below to see if you...
  9. Xelwave

    ART SALE! [CLOSED] *£10 Ferals!*£7 Headshots!*£10 Full Bodies!*£24-30 Ref Sheets!*

    Hi there lovely people!!! So, for a long while since moving house, my PC has gone back and forth to the PC doctors with all sorts going wrong with it (yay -.-) and so now of course, I'm in desperate need of being commissioned as it's taken quite a lump from my bank account :confused: I just...
  10. miki.tikus

    Miki's Art Commissions!

    Hi Guys, My name is Miki! I'm an illustrator, new to the community here. I make digital art using photoshop and traditional art using watercolours! I can draw pretty much everything, my strengths are people and dragons, but I'm fairly confident in drawing most things (animals, vehicles etc). If...
  11. megs

    painted headshots, get 'em while they're fresh!

    Hello, folks! I am selling painted headshots for $15.00 through Paypal. I can draw humans, animals...just about anythinh! Have some examples: If interested, you can contact me on these forums, or you can message me on Furaffinity! My profile can be found here. Just so y'all know, I play...
  12. junkyardflower

    junkyard art shoppe ! [8-100 USD]

    so heckin' cheap !!! ---------------------------------------- i use payment through paypal invoices so know i'll need your email to send an invoice! thank you! ---------------------------------------- terms of service + more ---------------------------------------- Full body Flats // $25...
  13. Leif

    $12 full body prismacolor cartoon portraits

    Hi everyone I'm Leif, I am new to this site and have been inactive in the online art community for about 5 years now. I am trying to raise money to fund my comics and thought it would be fun to come here and try something new. Please comment or message me with any questions. I mostly draw...
  14. Gunny

    Gunny's Commission Shop!!

    ((Edited on June 3, 2017)) So I'm broke as all hell after taking a trip to visit my partner! So I'm opening this shop back up with a new commission's page since my art has changed quite a bit! WILL DO: - Canon Characters - Canon x Canon - OC x Canon - NSFW - Gore WON'T DO: - Extreme...