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art sites

  1. Hikarty

    Not sure what to do (sites and art)

    I've lately been quite fed up with twitter and instagram, which are the sites where I share my art the most (I left deviantART when it started to go down) but between awful cropping and quality, shitty algorithms, now the whole...NFT thing in which people on twitter can use your tweets without...
  2. Kylan Velpa

    SFW Art Sites

    So I'm from the UK, where a ban on all sexual content for under 18s has just come into effect. And I'm all for that! I wouldn't be interested anyway and I totally support enforcing the law instead of just stating it. But instead of replacing that tickbox on a webpage with an ID verification...
  3. clawstarz

    Any active art sites like FA and DA?

    I've noticed throughout the years of using DeviantArt and Furaffinity a lot, these sites have been pretty inactive. Mostly DeviantArt than Furaffinity TBH. I've tried to browse/search other sites like mentioned sites, however, they're mostly inactive/dead/etc. Or maybe my art sucks compared to...