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art style

  1. Klox

    Curious : what draws you in a certain artstyle ?

    Hello ! Ive been browsing intensely on FA these past few days (viva la quarantina) and ive been wondering what makes people notice certain artworks and dislike others. Normally i would have said "quality" but at least on FA it....doesnt seem to be the case ? Dont get me wrong i love that there...
  2. .wav

    Anyone here heard of Daisuke Nakayama?

    I friggin' love his art style, it's like a mix of Gorillaz and Jet Set Radio Future. This is the sort of tyle I want for my art
  3. Raever

    Hook me up with new anime(ish) artist links!

    I have a dilemma and could really use some help in solving it fellow art addicts. I have a few people I'll regularly commission due to their skill, politeness, reliability, and most of all - the style of art that they produce. I do enjoy other styles as well, but I'm a sucker for that detailed...
  4. zenmaldita

    Favorite Artists that Influenced You the Most?

    Name your favorite artists that made an impact - be it in your art style, quality standard, aesthetic etc. I credit Ktshy & Miyuli for being the biggest influence on my lineart, movement, & expressions My attention to detail is thanks to Kaoru Mori of Emma, a Victorian Romance, Tracy of...
  5. schwa16

    kemono art style discussion//does my art look "kemono"?

    general questions: what do you like about kemono? do you try to draw kemono-style art; if yes then show it- who are your favourite kemono artists? i like Userpage of eppao -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of cotora -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Userpage of dragoon86 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  6. Zel_____

    I created an anthro style guide for my art. What do you think?

    I created this style guide since at cons most people ask me to draw furries, but my best art is in the more animal and wild styles. But it can be hard to communicate what I'm drawing when people have different ideas about what anthro or feral mean, so I made this guide using my own art and...