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art trade

  1. V

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    Hello! I'm Vanily and i'm new into the furry community but been drawing furry characters for years and would like to practice drawing more species and cute sonas since cute stuff is the best i can draw so, if you are interested contact me! (SFW only, for now!) I'll leave here an example of how...
  2. Chomby

    Art Trade: Willing to trade these characters for art!

    Hiya! These characters are ones I've lost connection to and I haven't been able to sell them. I usually spend my money on art anyway, so I figured I'd try to skip the middleman! I have proof of ownership for all of these characters except the xenomorph. I got it as a custom from someone long...
  3. K

    Art in change for writing

    (sorry for my bad english) Hi, I'm new here, so even if I read the rules idk how it works the forum o_O I need to write a good backstory or a One-Shot for two of my OC, and I can draw in exchange of them. I have a few ideas for them, and I don't necessary need anything too long, a simple story...
  4. Deathless

    Art Trade: Open For Trades

    I have some major art block and I overall have no motivation to draw again, and so to prevent myself from going on another art hiatus, I'm looking for people to do some art trades with! I have a variety of different characters to choose from and I also have a variety of things I will draw...
  5. Fcomega121

    Art Trade: My queen cheetah needs art and I offer a trade :3 (OPEN, SFW only)

    hello! this is my first *trade post! this is Wynstar Wynn she's a queen cheetah, my second main fursona.. who has very few artworks, all of them aren't published and are wip designs, and I would like to trade art of her (sfw) because she deserves more art, I would like to see what people can...
  6. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for trades! :3

    Heyo! I'm looking to do some art trades in my spare time, so decided I'd post here! Looking for mostly 1-for-1 art trades (I do a headshot, fullbody, etc., you do a headshot, fullbody, etc.). Examples: (more of my art can be found on my FurAffinity or here) I'm looking for art of any of these...
  7. funyanshi

    Art trade?? (1/2 slots)

    Hello! I like doing trades ^^ i prefer cute ocs, soft and fluffy and colorful palettes~ you can see my art on FA @ funyanshi. I think id be most interested in trading halfbodys, but i might be interested in one full body trade too :3 If youre interested in a possible trade, please post...
  8. Shadowhawkart

    Art Trade: Art Trades doot doot doot (OPEN)

    Wanting to make some more commission examples and wanting some more art so thought I'd do some-a these! ouo Looking for more art of either of these two girls: I'd prefer to trade with someone of equal ability in terms of art. Here's my gallery for examples! Gonna take ehhh, three slots...
  9. Chomby

    Art Trade: Looking to trade art for unusual/scary characters

    Hiya! I'm a sucker for OCs with strange and spooky designs. I'm looking for more characters like this, so I'm willing to make art for them in exchange! Feel free to offer and I'll let you know if I'm interested. Examples of my art are below: Thanks for stopping by!
  10. morbid_ideals

    Art Trade: looking for some art trades!

    hello! i'm looking to do a couple of art trades! art for art or characters for art c: please post a link to your gallery or even just a few examples here if you're interested! more examples of my art is here; https://www.furaffinity.net/user/morbidideals/
  11. Kope

    Art Trade: Furry Art trade

    Examples of my artstyle
  12. F1uffy.Chips

    Art Trade: Is anyone interested in a Art trade?

    Hello hello! Its been a while huh? Im wondering if anyone wants to do a art trade with me. Heres some characters I want art for -https://toyhou.se/6876908.-lou- -https://toyhou.se/3651742.chip -https://toyhou.se/5499649.-raymond -https://toyhou.se/8489405.pine -https://toyhou.se/8481042.aure You...
  13. Battle Foxxo

    Art Trade: Secret Santa but Art Trade!

    First off, I hope this is allowed in this channel. If not, I'll move posts ASAP Second, hello everyone! I am hosting a Secret Santa Art Trade! Basically, everyone is given a random persons character to draw, and everyone of those people will have their character given to someone random to be...
  14. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades with anyone! (open)

    Heyo! I've not had many great ideas of what to draw recently, and thought I would try out some art trades! (Please keep in mind this is my first time doing art trades, so be patient! :) ) You can find examples of my art here! How it's going to work: You can post on this thread with what request...
  15. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art

    Hello out there! :) I'm currently looking to fill out my OC cast for a crime/horror-based webcomic project of mine. So, I'm looking to trade for neat designs! If you want to trade OC-for-OC, we will both walk away with new characters to work with. I'm looking for old-school mobster designs...
  16. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Art Trade: OC Design Trade! Art for Art!

    Anybody willing to do a design trade with me? ✨ I'd greatly prefer non-base art. Both of us will have a brand new OC to name and work with when we're done! I'm looking for mobster-style character work specifically, since I want to fill out my cast for a webcomic I have in the works. But really...
  17. sinkid

    Art Trade: Looking for Art Trades

    Hey guys, I'm looking to do a few art trades! I will be a bit picky in who I chose just because I can only take so many. I can do SFW or NSFW trades and have a few characters you can choose from. You can see some examples on my FA page, the like is in my signature!
  18. Polywally

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades!

    Heyo! Not to much to say other then I’m looking for some art trades! Willing to do nsfw or sfw ! I’m not to picky about who I trade with, tho I always do at least flats color works so I’d like to trade with people who want the same things! Here are some of my oc’s : Artwork Gallery for...
  19. Angel_patoo

    Art Trade: 3 (0/3 open) slot for art trade (SFW or NSFW) //CLOSE//

    Hello! How are you? ´・ᴗ・` I want to do an art trade, for praticing a little hihi this is exemple of my art: I accept all species! For more exemple of my art, you can see more exemple of my art here: Userpage of Angel_Patoo -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if you are intersted, you can drop...
  20. KoomietheFool

    Art Trade: Show me yours I'll draw I'll draw it!

    Heyo ~ I've fallen off the face of the earth multiple times in the last few years, but I'm looking into getting some practice in while I'm here again. I'm proposing a Trade, you draw one of mine and I'll reciprocate with one of yours! I'll post some of my OLD art of my characters, and you can...