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art trades sfw

  1. naughtycryptids

    Art Trade: Looking for SFW and NSFW art trades!!

    I'm really itching to do some art trades and I have a few characters I'm dying to get art of! I'll do both SFW and NSFW trades (I'd definitely like at least 1 NSFW trade) i will NOT do any offensive/harmful types of works. For SFW art examples you can check out my SFW fa: couriersarts SFW...
  2. kingxlink

    Art Trade: New Discord Art Trade Server: multiple traders available!

    Hey you! Looking for a place to trade SFW art with a friendly, active community? Come join Trader King's! yes it's a Trader Joe's joke for those who are wondering, and for those who aren't aware, that's a grocery/bulk buy store in the U.S. We're new and a little on the small side, but that's...
  3. miss_samychan

    Art Trade: Feral bust trades

    I'm currently open for some trades. Just for now please no cats, anything else on the will do is just fine. I need a break from them. I will use the art for commission examples, so please do not reply, if you're not comfortable with that. Bust trades preferred for now, to improve my styles...
  4. kennelgrass

    Art Trade: Looking for Trades/ Art Mutuals

    I was hoping to find someone to do a trade with! digital art only please! here are some examples of my more recent art!! you can find more examples on my other socials! : https://toyhou.se/kennelgrass https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kennelgrass/ Do's: Most Furry Species, SFW, Suggestive...
  5. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for trades! :3

    Heyo! I'm looking to do some art trades in my spare time, so decided I'd post here! Looking for mostly 1-for-1 art trades (I do a headshot, fullbody, etc., you do a headshot, fullbody, etc.). Examples: (more of my art can be found on my FurAffinity or here) I'm looking for art of any of these...
  6. Shadowhawkart

    Art Trade: Art Trades doot doot doot (OPEN)

    Wanting to make some more commission examples and wanting some more art so thought I'd do some-a these! ouo Looking for more art of either of these two girls: I'd prefer to trade with someone of equal ability in terms of art. Here's my gallery for examples! Gonna take ehhh, three slots...
  7. Tendo64

    Art Trade: Looking to do SFW Trades

    Please note that I can only draw mammals! This means no reptiles, amphibians, or otherwise! Sorry! I have art block, and I have banned myself from taking requests because I'm gonna be eighteen in like... seven months, and I plan to start taking professional commissions then, so I can't let...