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art trades sfw

  1. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for trades! :3

    Heyo! I'm looking to do some art trades in my spare time, so decided I'd post here! Looking for mostly 1-for-1 art trades (I do a headshot, fullbody, etc., you do a headshot, fullbody, etc.). Examples: (more of my art can be found on my FurAffinity or here) I'm looking for art of any of these...
  2. Shadowhawkart

    Art Trade: Art Trades doot doot doot (OPEN)

    Wanting to make some more commission examples and wanting some more art so thought I'd do some-a these! ouo Looking for more art of either of these two girls: I'd prefer to trade with someone of equal ability in terms of art. Here's my gallery for examples! Gonna take ehhh, three slots...
  3. Tendo64

    Art Trade: Looking to do SFW Trades

    Please note that I can only draw mammals! This means no reptiles, amphibians, or otherwise! Sorry! I have art block, and I have banned myself from taking requests because I'm gonna be eighteen in like... seven months, and I plan to start taking professional commissions then, so I can't let...