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art trades

  1. naughtycryptids

    Art Trade: Looking for SFW and NSFW art trades!!

    I'm really itching to do some art trades and I have a few characters I'm dying to get art of! I'll do both SFW and NSFW trades (I'd definitely like at least 1 NSFW trade) i will NOT do any offensive/harmful types of works. For SFW art examples you can check out my SFW fa: couriersarts SFW...
  2. S

    Looking to take 2 requests

    Hi everyone! Taking a break from regular work. Looking to test my skills in the creation of my own fursona. I have been studying on the side and doing requests for the rest of the month. Attached is a recent request that I have finished. I will select one or two OCs that I would like to...
  3. miss_samychan

    Art Trade: Feral bust trades

    I'm currently open for some trades. Just for now please no cats, anything else on the will do is just fine. I need a break from them. I will use the art for commission examples, so please do not reply, if you're not comfortable with that. Bust trades preferred for now, to improve my styles...
  4. Ramiel.

    (NSFW) Art Trades!

    Hiya! I’m absolutely looking to snag some more examples of my NSFW work and was looking to see if anybody might be interested in trading with me! I want some art in return too lol. 18+ only obviously. Not particularly looking to draw anything TOO out there so ask if you want me to draw something...
  5. Roygbiv.

    Art requests / Trades

    I'll draw anything but nsfw/fetish. Send away.
  6. Slaynoir

    Free Sketch Requests and Art Trades Are Open! :D

    Hey folks~ Slaynoir here. I'm still looking for more people to give out wonderful art of those whom may be interested! I am a traditional artist, not digital, so I am sort of slow when it comes to art. I do sketches fairly quickly, as well, they're easy and fun to push out ^^ I won't lie...
  7. JuniperW

    Art Trade: Looking for some cheer-up art, can do art/writing in return

    Hello all. I have been feeling a little down as of lately and am looking for some art of my characters to ease the stress. I’m looking for art with Tallika and/or Whiplash. The former can also be drawn in his snake form. I would prefer to do art in return as I find it harder to finish short...
  8. Pansymoron13

    Would anyone want to draw any of my characters?

    Hey everyone was wondering if anyone wanted to draw any of my characters I'm hoping for requests but I could do trades as well my profile on FA is pansymoron13
  9. Deathless

    Art Trade: Open For Trades

    I have some major art block and I overall have no motivation to draw again, and so to prevent myself from going on another art hiatus, I'm looking for people to do some art trades with! I have a variety of different characters to choose from and I also have a variety of things I will draw...
  10. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for trades! :3

    Heyo! I'm looking to do some art trades in my spare time, so decided I'd post here! Looking for mostly 1-for-1 art trades (I do a headshot, fullbody, etc., you do a headshot, fullbody, etc.). Examples: (more of my art can be found on my FurAffinity or here) I'm looking for art of any of these...
  11. Shadowhawkart

    Art Trade: Art Trades doot doot doot (OPEN)

    Wanting to make some more commission examples and wanting some more art so thought I'd do some-a these! ouo Looking for more art of either of these two girls: I'd prefer to trade with someone of equal ability in terms of art. Here's my gallery for examples! Gonna take ehhh, three slots...
  12. ♡Gingy♡

    Art Trade: Anyone wanna do art trades?

    I only really make SFW pieces so it's gonna be a SFW art trade only. If you'd like to see some examples of my artwork check out my FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sweetblossoms/ There's pics of my lil bunny character too so you know what to draw for your part- Just post a reference to your...
  13. CinnaBummie

    ✨Art trades ✨

    Hi i decided to semi-open up some art trades this will probably be cross-posted to Instagram in the future but I’ve been taking a little bit of a social media break for now but currently I’m opening up some art trades so comment if you’re interested here are some art examples you can also find...
  14. kabuko

    Art Trade: Doing NSFW Art Trades!

    Hello all! My name is Kabuko, I'm a new porn artist looking to do some NSFW art trades! If you would like to do so, hit me up on Discord, my user is Kabuko#0837. Make sure to say right away what you are messaging me for, as I have had some DMs from people acting really sketchy that I had to...
  15. mangomango

    Art Trade: Looking for art trades with anyone! (open)

    Heyo! I've not had many great ideas of what to draw recently, and thought I would try out some art trades! (Please keep in mind this is my first time doing art trades, so be patient! :) ) You can find examples of my art here! How it's going to work: You can post on this thread with what request...
  16. VrasXaalka

    Art Trade: Art / Custom Trades (Unlimited Slots)

    Samples I'm looking for art of multiple of my characters, they should all be in this tag. I can offer anything you see in my gallery, including anything listed on my commissions page. This means ref sheets, sketch pages, fullbodies, etc. I can also offer characters as well. I can work with some...
  17. CopperxCalico

    Art Trades? (OPEN!!!)

    I'm sorta lacking art ideas at the moment so why not get inspired by drawing other peoples Ocs!! My FA Page : Userpage of CopperxCalico -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Art Examples: - ART TRADING RULES : -I'd like a link to your FA Page to check out your art ~ ! -Show me what character...
  18. breakfastzone

    Art Trade: Art trades with a few people!

    I have a couple of OCs that I'd love some art for, so I'm looking to do a few trades with people! I'd prefer to trade with people preferably on my art level - no offense, just so the trade is fair - so I won't be trading with everyone. If you'd like to trade, link or post some examples of your...
  19. P

    Art trades for a not so great artist?

    Hey! So I am new to furaffinity, I have had a deviantart account for many years but it is now not so popular... I dont know many people on social media, and I would love to meet more artists, I am not really good at digital art, but I really do try and I work really hard on every piece even if...
  20. teacozy1

    Art Trade: Chibi art trades~! (Open)

    Just fancy doing some chibi art trades. I'll only be doing a few so sorry if your character doesn't get picked. Please send a reference when asking for a trade. Its not ideal when someone says drawing the character in my icon because its hard to work from such a small image. All art trades I...