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art trades

  1. The King of Trash

    Trades open!

    Hey everyone! Would anyone be open for trades or want a low cost commission? If so, please feel free to PM me here, or note me on FA (Userpage of thekingoftrash -- Fur Affinity [dot] net with what you'd like and we can take it from there!
  2. ladyzemmy

    Looking to do some art trades!

    Hey everyone! How's it going? I'm looking to do some art trades. For the time being I'll only take 3, just because I work Thursday-Sunday and I only have time off like once a week to actually work on anything. That being said, if you're patient with waiting then jump right on in. If it's...
  3. Zydama

    I wanna make some fluffy friends ovo

    Hey there! I'm Jenn, Zydama on FA and on DeviantArt. Honestly I just came to the forums because I'm lonely AF. I see all these great artists with big friend circles and I want to get in on that! The novelty of just chatting and trading art between friends is this sweet dream I'm reaching for...
  4. Holy King Odin

    Art Trade with Swizzle_Valcar

    He said to start a thread about trading, so we can go from here.
  5. dangerouslygooey

    Looking for possible art trades.

    This is just a sort of sketch I made for this. I'm looking for some people to art trade. Mostly looking for vore content but if I like your style enough I might just do a cute couple thing. Must be willing to draw a m/f couple. I'm just really looking for art of me and my sweetheart. :) this...
  6. DCSharpe

    Open for Art Trades.

    Hi hi DC here! If anyone interested in a Art for Art trade i'm down~ I draw anime/kemono style art, so i'm not very good with drawing muscular guys. ;w; Here's a link to my FA: Userpage of dcsharpe -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (most of my art will be in crayon-kemono style) *to keep things organize...
  7. strigasv

    Looking to Art Trade for chinchillas

    But a specific 'Chilla this time =w= I finally caved and decided to make a 'sona. This is Bijoux, a white and grey 'chilla with a love for makeup and delicate things. And strangely enough, 80's hair metal. Hahaha~ I'm looking to trade. I'll draw pretty much any 'sona or OC in exchange for...
  8. Chickenly

    Looking to do Art Trades!

    5 MORE SLOTS OPENED Hello, thank you for stopping to check out this thread! I am currently opening five slots for art trades-- I may open more in the future if there is enough interest! Examples of my artwork can be found here and here [Most in the second link] Most of my characters are...
  9. Y

    Art trades because why not.

    Draw a character of mine, I'll do yours. But first, Choose one of mine: (I don't have proper refs for all of them, but yeah.) Alex - Lucas - Lavi / Lemi - Mel (Need any details about them? Ask. And Lemi is the rabbit, Lavi is the wolf. Just choose one of them, my only drawing of them is them...
  10. CityPound

    Anyone down to do a trade?

    I'm honestly just kind of bored. I'd love to do some art of your fursona! In trade you can do art of mine! His name is Oliver o3o here's his refs: Keep in mind that the first link is more like what he looks then the reference sheet. I changed the eyebrows and took away the red fluff ^ u ^...
  11. feder

    Art Trade Open.

    Hey. I don't like just asking for art so I'm going to make this an art trade sorta thing. I'm a writer, specifically a TF writer, so if you're not into Transformation, this probably is not going to be your cup of tea. I'm looking for someone to draw something based on this story. I'm looking...
  12. B

    Looking For People To Art trade With!

    I would love some artwork of one of my characters. Mostly inflation and/or NSFW art. I can only make pixels as my part, though: Artwork Gallery for Blazikendude -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  13. Sightless-Bird

    Requesting Art In Exchange For Writing

    Okay, one more thread on here. So I want to request some art please. In exchange, I will write you some stories, the nicer the art, the longer the story~ When it comes to stories I will write just about anything so that's good to know. I can't link you to proper writing examples because I...
  14. Sightless-Bird

    Trading MYO Lacie Slot

    So I have a myo own Lacie slot. You can possibly buy it from me for 45usd but Im more curious to see what kind of trade offers I'd get. You can offer characters, art, etc. Lacies are a closed-species by Niaro What is a myo? MYO = Make Your Own and it follows up to that. It means you get to...
  15. casper-g

    Open for Trades/Requests!

    ^^ Something like this (click it for fullsize), but it could end up being a headshot, bust, halfbody, or fullbody, who knows. We can get specific if it's a trade. Fursonas, humans, other, I don't really care what they are feel free to leave me a reference. I'm having art block so??? I will of...
  16. The King of Trash

    Art trades wanted!

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to do some trades in order to get some experience drawing other people. (Art examples are on my FA profile!) Please note me over on FA if you're interested! Please note that: I Reserve right to refuse trade or to do them out of order. It might take some time to get to...
  17. Holy King Odin

    Art Trades

    I'll mention here, thanks to a friend, that I'm always open for art trades and requests (though one request for person, after that you'll have to trade/commission me), and will do most types of art and fetishes. Here are examples of my work: Digital: www.furaffinity.net: Jehryn by kingodin...