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  1. hananezumi

    Recommended SFW artists on FA?

    Hi! With these forums closing I wanted to take this last opportunity to ask the furs here if they have any favorite artists who do SFW stuff on FA that they would recommend checking out. So please tell me all your top artists you like! Especially any that are still active posting art on Fur...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Links, can anyone restore them!?

    I have a few deleted pgs that I'd like 2 C if anyone can recover! : O I've tried Wayback, but no workies! : ( If anyone can fix any of them, please post or message me the content, thanks! Just a last hurrah thread, I reckon...
  3. Sphinxx92

    Free Art (SFW) OPEN

    I really want to draw but lack any motivation to do anything for myself. So yeah, I'd like some excuse to draw for y'all. Posted example is what I'd do essentially. I'm dirt at drawing but I need the practice. Just post your reference either picture or text. I'll try to do at least one, I'm kind...
  4. Sodasats20

    Request: Could someone draw my sona as scout?

    I recently got to play tf2 at a party for the first time, and now I’m even more motivated to save up for a pc. After playing a while I learned that I’m a scout main. Just a fun little request but if someone could draw my sona as the red scout that would be awesome! Preferably holding the bat!
  5. Excellentjerky

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Christmas multislot ych any species($30)

    $30 christmas themed headshots! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/50088094/
  6. boaccino

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Digital Art [SFW/NSFW]; Humans, demons, furries, and more!

    If interested or have any questions, please contact me on Discord (boaccino#6969), on Twitter (boaccino), or by Email: boaccino@gmail.com. ^^ I've updated my carrd so it should be easier to navigate! It has my gallery, more examples, and NSFW pieces ^^ I've also begun setting up my furaffinity...
  7. CanineDigital-Art

    Cyberspace Protection Force, new furry webcomic by Canine Digital [Art by: RealKyubi]

    Canine Digital is the result of the efforts and collaboration of artists who seek to inspire young people with powerful and intriguing stories, and this will be our first series to launch :D Here's our Facebook page if you wish to check it out: https://www.facebook.com/CanineDigital/ Discord...
  8. microwavedbunny

    (Commission) Selling: hq animecore busts open !

    comments are highly appreciated <3 im taking unlimited slots for bust commissions! there are two options: 10$ - just lines (feel free to color them yourself or ask somebody to do it! you will receive a transparent .png) 15$ - colored shaded (just like the examples) any species and gender...
  9. HyperPolka

    [FOR BEGINNERS] Yes, art can feel intimidating, you're not alone

    I've seen a few posts about being insecure or too self-conscious about learning how to draw/do art, so I thought I could bring some things that I've worked with being an art teacher for over 10 years. (brace yourselves this will be really long) I apologize in advance for any errors or confuse...
  10. K

    Anyway to improve patience?

    As well as how to practice in general? Idk where to start UwU.
  11. Ostros

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Open for comissions! [SFW ONLY]

    Hi everyone! I'm setting up for comissions, so feel free to ask whatever you want and im sure we can work it out! I mostly do SFW but depending on the request i can do NSFW. ;) Contact me anytime! Telegram: t.me/OstrosOrth Discord: Ostros#2580
  12. Katana_in

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Open commissions fixed price 20$

    Hi! I open commissions with a fixed price of $20 (Headshot, Half body, Full body). Background - simple, simple shadows and color. Payment + $ 10 for an additional character on art. I draw furries and simple animals, including nsfw. BOOSTY payment. You can find examples of works in my account. I...
  13. Katana_in

    Request: LOTTERY YCH

    Здравствуйте, друзья! Я запускаю бесплатную лотерею для моих наблюдателей! Для участия вам необходимо: - Станьте моими наблюдателями - Отправьте ссылку на своего персонажа в комментариях Один победитель будет выбран случайным образом Лотерея закончится после того, как будет 40 наблюдателей...
  14. KStheProtoWolf

    Your Most Favorite Masterpiece

    What is the best artwork you have done that you will keep for an eternity because it means so much to you?
  15. zulzul

    (Commission) Selling: ($10 USD) Portrait any species (semi realistic / anime / cartoon)

    Hi, I have a few years as an illustrator and I would like to be able to increase my portfolio for having experience as an illustrator, I have a very solid art style and also easy to replicate other art styles here are my portfolios for you to review...
  16. Iggyness

    (Commission) Selling: Iggyness' Commissions~! Can Do references/PNGTubers/Emotes/Etc!

    Iggyness Art Website! It has all the links! Hi I'm Iggyness and I'm a ferret on the internet who likes to draw and take commissions! I currently have two different styles I am working in: A pseudo anime cel shaded style for drawing digimon and a grittier painter style for everything else! I...
  17. albiinshrk

    Art Trade: looking for art trade!

    hi guys i am looking for an art trade! here are my art https://www.furaffinity.net/user/albiinshrk/ reply if you are interested!
  18. albiinshrk

    Free Art: Art Raffle

    hii! i made an art raffle! feel free to join <3 https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49126463/
  19. mantiscat

    my OC

    i made an oc yesterday!! it’s a mantis and cat, so a mantiscat! it’s my first time really trying to draw furries, so let me know what you think! hes an 19 year old mantiscat and he walks runways ^^
  20. B

    Furry Zine Theme Ideas

    Hiya folks! I'm in the process of organizing a furry zine but I have no idea what to theme it after. If anyone here has some suggestions that'd be greatly appreciated. Oh, and I've made a server for it. There is no application process, so if something simple and fun interests you, feel free to...