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  1. UntamedHalf

    Commission $2 Anthro Full Body Transparent Background

    Important Read = 1. Customer's payment must be received within 24 hours. 2. Payment only available through Paypal. 3. Customer paid first then Deximo Dreadus send the illustration or picture to the customer. 4. Sending image through Email, Telegram, or directly through customer's social...
  2. Naininai


    Hi there! I have this promo available, hope y'all are interested! ✪ CARTOON STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 1 USD - 100 pts ❏ Bust ➜ 3 USD - 300 pts ❏ Half body ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Full body ➜ 7 USD - 700 pts ◆ Colored version ➜ +2 USD - 200 pts ✪ ORIGINAL STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Bust ➜...
  3. edgardlops

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ⭐⭐FurryValentine's Day Commissions Open!!⭐⭐

    Hello there !! ⭐⭐ I am opening emergency commissions for furry valentine's day !! ⭐ ⭐ My laptop broke up :'c so I need money to buy another one ✅Any gendr and species* ✅Payment via Paypal , Debit transfer* , debit or credit card ✅ Soft NSFW accepted* ✅ Digital delivery at 15 days at maximun* ✅...
  4. Juukuo

    (Commission) Selling: QUALITY ART SALE 15 USD half body (were 28 USD)

    Hey guys! I could really use some money right now, I have giant hospital bills to pay and I don't want it to go on my credit. I'm a full time student and it's been really difficult finding a job in my area. I'd taking any amount of commissions right now, but if it gets too much i can open...
  5. wagglebug

    (Commission) Selling: $15-30 Commissions!

    Hello! I'm offering commissions for the below prices. There's not a lot I won't be willing to do except for very muscular characters and mecha pieces! I'll do armor but only with a reference please! Otherwise everything is a-go and if you're unsure, just ask. I'll also take *detailed* written...