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artist commissions

  1. Fabshutup

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) 3 Slots of Basic Reference Sheet

    Flat colors and shaded version. Flat color version: 70$ Shaded version: 90$ Payment method: Paypal's Invoice If you want a bigger Reference sheet we can talk about it. Contact me on Twitter as: (Fabshutup) if you're interested on claim one slot!
  2. PiedPipecleaner

    (Commission) Selling: Pied's Art Place {OPEN - $10+ - SFW} Sketches | Flat Color | Full-Color | Ref Sheets | Icons

    Pied's Art Place She/Her, Call me Pied or Quetz I'll draw pretty much anything as long as it's not nsfw, feel free to ask if you're not sure. _______________________________________ Commission Info...
  3. Pinkybrain

    offer/ proposal

    Olá, você tem algum escritor iniciante disposto a fechar uma parceria? Qualquer pessoa interessada, por favor, sinta-se à vontade para conferir meu trabalho no furryfinity. PINKYBRAIN
  4. Milk_Beef

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Open commissions starting at $15 (SFW/NSFW) Black and White/Flat Colors/Digital Painting

    Hi, I'm Milo! I'm a relatively "newer" furry artist that's looking to open up commissions. I'm open for drawing almost anything, SFW or NSFW, gore, or fetish things (say for like a very small handful of things). My style mostly is a bit cartoony and usually with more fuller/chubby figures...
  5. M

    (Commission) Selling: ($20+) MessatsuGouFox is open for commissions! Come on by!

    Hello and good afternoon! I would like to inform that I'm taking commissions, lowest at $20 for a sketch. Here's a link that shows the various prices of what I'm offering. Commission Sheets and Rules - Google Drive ☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝☝ If you're interested, please feel free...
  6. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) High quality art +free pixel art version (pixel art, semi realism, cartoonish and comic style)

    Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm a small Brazilian artist who draw on the mouse, I can draw in any style you want or I can try to mimic another artist style. I do commissions since january 2020 but I'm pretty new to FA. I Have some reviews too on my site and my FA account I'm highly trustable for...
  7. Olivitree

    (Commission) Selling: Olivitree's Market £5(~$6) to £200+(~$245)

    Welcome to my little portion of the market. I'm a UK artist so excuse my UK money prices, google can convert it for you if you type, for example "10 GBP in USD) GBP being £ great british pounds and $ US Dollars. Works for any currency! I'll keep this place updated with any sales and offers I...
  8. Artistotel

    Commissions open! $5-$70

    hi everyone! i figured i'd share my commissions here. c: you can find my art on artistotel on furaffinity, but also, let me share some examples: my commissions info:
  9. Artistotel

    hello everyone!

    hi! i'm artistotel, and i'm a comics artist and cartoonist from croatia! ^o^ i'm 22 years old and currently working on my masters in animation. i love drawing anthros and designing adopts, as well as roleplaying, writing, and watching cartoons (duh, im a cartoonist). my commissions are open...
  10. Rift Quest

    Seeking artist for NSFW commissions (closed)

    Hello everyone. Im new to furaffinity, mostly over at Deviantart where i am already buying a nsfw fantasy comic with some furries in it. However i thought that i would also move my comic over to Furaffinity and buy some commissions from artists who are more focused on furries than people over...
  11. restinglichface

    (Commission) Selling: Simple Toon Illustrations ($35)

    Hello! My name is Pluto, I’m fairly new to taking commissions on fur affinity so I thought I’d get the ball rolling by offering six slots for some very straightforward illustrations. - For $35, you get a clean and simple toonie illustration. Flat color, no shading or highlights. No background...