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artist for hire

  1. Lunneus

    (Commission) Selling: Open for all commission types! Furry, Humanoids, and Monsters! ($10-$65 base price)

    Hello hello! I'm Lunney, or Kay and I'm here for all your commissioning needs ✨ I specialize in Furries(Anthros), Ferals, and Monsters, but I can also draw human characters! Terms of Service The Boring stuff, I know i know but this is for you and me! You can view the TOS in full >Here< It's...
  2. StonedHam

    Pro artist, new on the scene, looking for new clients. Please check out my work?

    Sorry if I'm breaking any rules, I tried to get a good understanding and it feels like I'm doing this right, but I'm new. But not new to art! Please check out my profile and commissions page On furaffinity here!
  3. KurisuFox

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) KurisuFox Illustrations - Commissions OPEN!! High Quality, Quick Turnaround!! (SFW/NSFW)

    Hey Everyone!! My name is Kurisu and I'm a digital illustrator with over 15 years of experience. I can draw whatever you'd like, from cute chibi characters to fully rendered scenes with backgrounds. While most of my examples on my User Page are SFW, I do offer NSFW artwork at no additional...
  4. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) High quality art +free pixel art version (pixel art, semi realism, cartoonish and comic style)

    Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm a small Brazilian artist who draw on the mouse, I can draw in any style you want or I can try to mimic another artist style. I do commissions since january 2020 but I'm pretty new to FA. I Have some reviews too on my site and my FA account I'm highly trustable for...
  5. KeesNailo

    Digital Comms Open $15-$200

    Check out my public Commission Hub Trello! My schedule may look full but it’s not! I work rather fast and it’ll be empty soon! It has everything you need, where I post my work, contact info, my TOS that can be amended to suit the both of us, how the commission process goes, what I don’t draw...
  6. O

    Commissions are open! $5 - $25

  7. MissKarotStix

    Sketchbook: MissKarotStix's Art

    FA Account: Userpage of MissKarotStix -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Posting chronologically. Starting with art made three years ago.
  8. K

    Writer for hire. Fairly reasonable price and a quick delivery

    I'm Selling whatever you want me to write, from the raunchiest smut to a simple background story for your character. I can even take your selfmade backgrounds and rewrite them in different versions, A more archaic style perhaps, or to draw out the story for a lengthier read.
  9. banana_mint

    New to the community, what should I do with my characters?

    Hi, I'm Minty, I'm generally new to Fur affinity and I'm hoping to make some new artist friends here, a good friend of mine recently introduced me to Furrys, and I started creating some characters. I had sooooo much fun with them. I'm not sure if I should put them up for adoption or maybe I...
  10. cowbrain

    cowbrain's art shop ($5-$55 !) ALWAYS open!

    Hey guys! Finally updated my commission sheet and I'm very interested in new projects! Just shoot me a DM if interested, or contact me through any of the means listed below! Thanks!
  11. testarossa

    (Commission) Selling: ▧Professional artist for hire ⁎ Testarossa's $80 pinup special & $28 headshot▨

    Hi! my name is testarossa but people call me tess. i'm testarossa on FA too! my email is: testarossa.art@gmail.com i am a professional artist with 10 years of experience. my hourly rate is $28. i record all my process into a video and share with my client at completion! (this is my attempt to...
  12. Peacegirllisa

    .:(Poor artist) Commission list:.

  13. PinkWisp

    (Commission) Selling: Wispy's Commissions [$20 - $80]

    Commissions are OPEN! Paypal only. Hello! New semester meaning school books and art supplies at my wallet. Psychology is kicking my ass right now so I’m starting small with three portraits slots. 1. 2. 3. You can fill out this google form, PM me here, or email me at...
  14. Samantha Rose

    Open Commissions for Everything (NSFW/SFW)

    ~~Aye itsa me Sammii~~ So I'm willing to do whatever you want from some sweet fluff to hardcore NSFW pieces. Whatever your little heart desires I'm here to deliver. All pieces of art are custom and pricing varies for each thing i do so its never a set price, I am 100% willing to work with...
  15. Xelwave

    Lower Commission prices! Starting at £10 :D

    Hi there! Thanks for taking a look :D I have lowered my commission prices! Woohoo! (prices are below) You can find more info on commissions/my gallery here: Commission Info for PigMint -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Some of my examples: Here are the new prices if anyone is interested! -ALL...
  16. KagedBird

    Artist For Hire, Details Inside

    Commission Info: imgur.com/a/tCjYm [A link to the price sheet itself if you'd prefer.] Busts for sketches and / or line art will be a 15$ fee per bust. For colouring and / or shading added, it's 25$ per. For half body sketch and / or line, it is 30$ per, and colouring and / or shading is 35$...
  17. Artimisxx

    Looking For Someone to Draw my Mains!

    I’ve been in the Furry Community since 2012 when I finally got my First Computer and stumbled upon this Community that I absolutely love and actually know that I fit in. Though enough rambling now to talk about what you guys are really here for I have two fursonas that I currently own and love...
  18. Liatai

    Liadoodles - Cute Traditional Commissions, Open! $5 to $40 USD

    What it says on the image. :3 You can contact me through the FA forums, FA itself, or the attached E-mail -- whatever you're most comfortable with! I look forward to working with you. Here are some more examples of my work;
  19. BlackwoodFurrest

    Newbie artist to the Forum and the fandom - I'm pretty glad I discovered all of you...!

    Hey! I just wanted to say I've sort of been active for about a month (I think) on FA, and it's actually my introduction into the furry community. I just wanted to say that you guys have been absolute stars and you're all so nice and accepting - and supportive! I mean, it's also entirely...
  20. KiwisCorner

    Artist for Hire + Commissions open {NSFW} Available

    Hello, everyone! i'm new to the forum but been on furaffinity for a while and wanted to announce i'm for hire! I can do game art or contract work for other various projects and I also have regular commissions open with the option for nsfw for examples, please visit my website...