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  1. G

    A bit of a shout

    Hello all! I see many great artists going unnoticed, so I'd like to give a bit of a shout to a lovely one I recently commissioned a gift piece from Huge thanks to @KitKatChunKiss Userpage of KitKatChunKiss -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For being so easy to work with. Their art is absolutely...
  2. Artimisxx

    Looking For Someone to Draw my Mains!

    I’ve been in the Furry Community since 2012 when I finally got my First Computer and stumbled upon this Community that I absolutely love and actually know that I fit in. Though enough rambling now to talk about what you guys are really here for I have two fursonas that I currently own and love...
  3. Pinkaap

    Cute Furry Art

    Looking for really cute furry headshots or customs based on moodboards? Commission me! I'm saving up for a screen tablet and I'm $545/$790 at the moment so all help is appreciated! My headshots _ $10 Moodboard Customs - $13 Waist up - $15 Fullbody - $25
  4. Darkam

    3D model printable little monster project

    Hello, I have a little personal project : make a 3D print of my character called “Darkam”. So I’m looking for a 2D&3D artist. The goal is to have a “STL” file at the end (3D model optimized for a 3D printer). I would like to make some modifications / evolutions on the actual version of...
  5. SweetPinkieDeer

    Looking for a Discord server!

    Hi everyone! I'm new in the fandom and I feel kinda lonely... Any of you have some great Discord server I could join! I'm an artist and I do roleplaying as well so if you have the good thing for me please send a link here ! ♥ I would love to make new friends!
  6. Antidaeophobia

    Back from Hiatus

    I was in the hospital all last year, and been pretty busy, but glad to finally get back on FA. Hoping to make some friends. I use to be a brony, but now I'm working more in the furry fandom since the brony fandom has gotten pretty toxic. I'm a artist, and a crafter that loves to draw, knit, make...
  7. K

    Existing discord servers?

    Hey, I'm looking to chat with people, are there any prexisting discord servers for furries? Perhaps particularly artists?
  8. iamthehusky

    Looking For Second Life Artist And Modeler to Make Fully New AV For My Character

    Hello Everyone! It's me again! But this time We are going BIG! What i am currently looking for now is an Extremely talented Modeler and SL Enthusiast to Bring my Character Momma Jerbear to life, with a Fully Customized Mesh Body That reflects her Shape PERFECTLY! Additional Pictures of my...
  9. P

    Indie Author looking to network

    Why not just come out and say it. I'm an indie author, editor, beta reader, proofreader, etc with my debut novel due out in 2018. Due to the nature of anonymity i only give out my name in private conversations. That being said, i am currently in the process of working on a project i do plan on...
  10. Catolo

    Ethics On Fursonas?

    Hi everyone! Long time no see! I want to ask if there are some things I must follow if I bought fursonas from artists. Do I showcase them on my profile? With links to the artists page (obviously). I've never had my own fursona before (until a month ago when I bought two.) My thoughts came in...
  11. DravenDonovan

    7 Character Xmas Group Art

    *Closed* Price Range: $100-$600 Artist Style/Ability: Looking for someone who draws in an Anime/Manga style, who is capable of drawing; Humans, Anthros (Fox/Dragon), Kemonomimis (Humans with animal ears/tails), Armor, and maybe even weapons. Needs to also be good with backgrounds, which will...
  12. NanoCoyote

    Art block or Loss of Inspiration?

    kinda sorta personal but id really like to hear about other peoples experiences with this sort of thing. recently I've given up trying to draw. i mostly start a small thing and then throw it away. i find that most of my ideas end up just blurry messes in my head. so i cannot draw what id like to...
  13. Juniper

    [NEW] Mouse From The Sewers

    ❝ ᴊᴜɴɪᴘᴇʀ / ʀᴀᴛ / 17 / ᴋɪɴᴅ ᴏғ sʜʏ 'ᴛɪʟ ᴄᴏᴍғʏ ❞ Hey! My name is Juniper! I'm an artist, roleplayer, high schooler and anime fan. I'm kind of shy, so this is new for me, actually introducing myself and all. I love drawing and I love drawing for others as well as myself. I love eating, listening...
  14. blizsea

    yo yo, new artist here

    Hello! My name is Te'Tum (but I go by Blizsea or "Bliz" on the interwebs) and I am a 19-year-old freelance artist that specializes in realistic digital portraits. I'm very new to furaffinity (made an account on the site a few months ago but didn't touch it until today lol) so forgive me if I'm a...
  15. Pinkaap

    Share your art!

    What have you recently been drawing? Show me 2 of your most recent completed drawings!
  16. Pinkaap

    Art Trades!

    Hello! I'm looking for people to do art trades with that are on my lvl more or less! I want to make some friends on here XD and get to know people more www.furaffinity.net: Commission - by Pinkaap www.furaffinity.net: ~ErisAlien~ Trade by Pinkaap
  17. murkrowe

    commissions open!

    okay so ive adjusted my prices and now everything is right, okay, cool here we go! examples of my art: THINGS I WILL NOT DRAW: SEXUAL NSFW (gore is fine) FETISHES NUDITY TRANSPHOBIA/HOMOPHOBIA/SEXISM/RACISM HATE SPEECH OF ANY KIND Portraits: lineart + color: $5 +shading: $7 +background: $8...
  18. Graffstache

    Throwing down some art!

    I haven't posted much on here, but I wanted to kind of introduce myself art-wise. ;o; You can find me at the following places: graffstache on DeviantArt Userpage of graffstache -- Fur Affinity [dot] net But here's some of what you'll find there! c: I'll probably post some more as...
  19. Lei-Lani

    An Interview with Dark Blue Comics

    I had the pleasure of speaking to renowned artist ABlueDeer for Flayrah News. You can find the article here: www.flayrah.com: An Interview with Dark Blue Comics I'd really love your feedback! <3
  20. BrizzkeySpurdo

    $10 a pop

    I will draw anything sfw. Everything is $10. *These would be works I would like to post on my social media to show progress, but please let me know if you would prefer not to have your commission posted publicly. You can message me via my account here or Facebook. Some examples would be...