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  1. T

    Hiring: Looking for blueberry inflation artist for possible sequence

    Hello. I am looking for an artist to commission that does blueberry inflation art. It would likely be a sequence depicting a transformation at different stages, shapes, and sizes. It would be even better if the artist knows of the characters from Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, as it would involve...
  2. KurisuFox

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) KurisuFox Illustrations - Commissions OPEN!! High Quality, Quick Turnaround!! (SFW/NSFW)

    Hey Everyone!! My name is Kurisu and I'm a digital illustrator with over 15 years of experience. I can draw whatever you'd like, from cute chibi characters to fully rendered scenes with backgrounds. While most of my examples on my User Page are SFW, I do offer NSFW artwork at no additional...
  3. bl00berry

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) ~* Starting at $5 Bust Sketches and more! (sfw/nsfw) *~

    Hiya!*~ My commissions are open now! For designs listed turn around is usually within 3-5 days. If the image is very complex (multiple characters & complex background) it will take up to two weeks. Will draw: SFW, NSFW, etc. Will not draw: Cubs, Excessive gore, and anything nonconsensual...
  4. F

    Looking for artists for a commonwealth

    Hi all!!! I am a Furry artist and I would like to meet other artists in this field! I mostly draw NSFW content and that's why I can't show my work on this forum. BUT if you are a single artist like me, we can connect and chat in discord (well, or here) I would like to create a group of NSFW...
  5. Phase2

    (Commission) Selling: Aaawhyme's variety of art! Now Open

    Furaffinity commission sheet here are my prices! I can draw any type of character, furry/human/monster etc. any genders and pairings and I enjoy all types of themes! Particularly dramatic lighting and creepy/edgy/dark themes, but also beautiful and cute themes too! Thank you for your time!
  6. S


    Could someone give me the name of the artwork artist in the attachment
  7. L

    Hiring: ($100+) Need multiple, quality comic artists for Patreon / SubscribeStar Transformation comics

    Please note that we need artists who can complete a comic page drawn from a written script (written in English) within one week's time for the entire run of the comic (generally 12-16 pages). We also need artists who can do the comic page from rough layout to full color with dialogue, sound...
  8. Suri

    Hello! I'm back again!

    Hi, I'm Suriel, Suri for friends, He / They. +18 I want to introduce myself again as I have been very inactive for a long time :( I am a small artist with the dream of being able to share my drawings with others and also work for those who need it! (✿◠‿◠) Warning my content may be for adults...
  9. Suri

    Sketchbook: I'M BACK!

    Hello, I will be very active in this forum publishing my progress in my drawings: 3 I would like to know if I can make friends who want to share ideas or a group of discords to share my drawings! Thank you This is a WIP of my next icon! >u< Reference:
  10. PandorasRabbitHole

    Main Site nsfw friendly pay provider for Shinies?

    I know I'm a bit late to the party with Shinies and FA in general, but has there been any discussion of adding a pay provider that won't permanently ban you from their platform if you receive a payment for digital sexual content? PayPal has a rule against that and I recently saw a nsfw artist on...
  11. Kiome Art

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Ice cream YCH! ✨

    Ice cream YCH! Hi everyone! I have this new cute YCH open. It can be any species, body type and gender you want —$12: Flat colored —$20: Full colored — +$5 for complicated character designs My TAT is between 2-3 day and this will be open until June! If you are interested or have any...
  12. N

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap commissions

    Hi loves! I want to get more involved with this community and art! I am new to this site but I’ve been an artist for over 8 years now, I would love to make some art for you all! My prices are fairly cheap for an artist but for extra charge I can make stickers, canvases, framed art, tapestries...
  13. esperchild

    From New York with Love - Intro

    Hello! The name's EsperChild (sometimes EsperFox) and I'm brand new to the forum. Much like everyone else here, I'm an aspiring artist and video game enthusiast with a strong love for anime and sometimes wine. I've been drawing off and on for years but lately, I've been feeling brave enough to...
  14. opals~


    Hi! I'll make this quick, I'm looking foreward to go to college, courses haven't started yet due to the pandemic but I'm sure they'll do pretty soon in my country. I'll need to pay rent because I'll be far from home, university fee, bus tickets, food and of course books; I am currently working...
  15. SarangArcher

    Newcomer here :D

    Hopefully I'm doing this right lol Hello !! I'm Archer, he/him, and about to turn 21 as of posting this!! I'm new to the forums and FA in general- I had made an account a few years ago, but I found it difficult to keep online on so many websites outside of Tumblr (my preferred social media...
  16. J

    Artists of Fur Affinity: what motivates you, specifically?

    Basically, my question can be divided down like this: - Out of all the aspects of feedback that one can receive on one's art (viewcounts, favourites, watches, positive/negative comments, retweets/reblogs/other forms of sharing, financial compensation like from Patreon or Kofi or other similar)...
  17. D

    Content Creators and Speech and Expression

    I've browsed twitter a bit, and noticed a trend that bothers me. I see many artists, especially popular ones, express views on topics that can be divisive and sensitive, and they are more than sometimes met with angry replies from people saying "I came for the art, not to hear your political...
  18. Siinna

    Advice: Markings/pattern help?

    Heyo woofers (not sure if this should be here or in the fursona part of the forums eh...) Advice: how do you come up with markings/patterns for your fursona? (Im in The process of redesigning mine for 2021 but Im s t u c k on what markings she ll have... Any tips? Colorpalette is already...
  19. cinsyrly

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Pencil 2-Colour Commissions ($15-$20)

    (NSFW ART EXAMPLES) SLOTS:0/3 Hello! I offer 3 commissions, done with pencils, in 2 colours (red and blue unless discussed otherwise.) I can do either SFW or nudity but nothing more extreme than my 2nd example. Payment on PayPal after initial sketch, no correction after the sketch. Prices...
  20. EndoErean

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) EndoErean ✦ Commissions open! Digital and Merch

    Hey guys! My name is EndoErean, im a 27yo new artist opening commissions. I DRAW: - Any species - Any genre - Illustrations - SFW and NSFW Payment: -Via paypal BASIC INFORMATION: 1. I work with 50% of the payment upfront and the other half when im done. No refunds. 2. How I work: You...