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  1. Vinfang

    Free Art: Xmas 2020 [closed]

    To get a X'mas present: 1, watch+ poprocker566@FA ( or any of my other social media accounts ) 2, link your ref 3, tell a friend 4, make a lil' wish (anything goes, from a teensy lollipop to a full set of exo-skeleton body armor which I'll deliver. ) Happy holidays to y'all adorable fluff...
  2. G

    New Guy Here: I gots the arts

    Uhh hey! I've been on FA for a while now but I kept making changes, now I've settled and have a good amount of my work up. So, I mostly do dragons and avians, sometimes apes too. Funny story, I actually prefer drawing dragons with the personalities of apes, and birds with the personalities of...
  3. L

    Digital artist/character designer⭐️

    Hey! I'm Ven/Lumyn. General freelance artist, trying to build a separate furry art following. I mainly post on FA. Most stuff also gets copied to Inkbunny (but I'm only there to hit a wider audience). My most recent adopts for an art example:
  4. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! Get your fursona a portrait for $35 + A free chibi asap or your money back!

    Hello, I'm Nicole, a Brazilian artist and I would love to draw anything you want. SALE: A Portrait drawing + a free chibi of your fursona for $35 usd in 5 days or your money back! What I can do: Portraits, half bodys, full body sreference sheets, etc SFW and Mildly NSFW (nothing too...
  5. B


    [clearing account]
  6. Ghouliesauce

    Another New FA Artist, oh boy.

    New to FA. Please excuse my extra awesome Bakugo pfp, my ghoulie dragon bab icon is a bit outdated, soooo. |D I'm older than I'd like to admit, but alas. 27, feeling ancient and creaky at all times. I draw anthro, humanoid, feral, whatever really. :3 SFW artist. (old and sfw, waaat? I'm just...
  7. lemonjelly

    lemonjelly; i am them

    I've been here for a little while but i'm just getting around to this now. Hi! i'm lemonjelly! i'm 19 and i like to draw weird things that i have difficulty describing not only to my family, but even to fellow furs! i'm primarily a traditional artist, but i'm gonna try getting into digital...
  8. Furbiticus

    Hallo friends

    Hello there I'm Cheddar! I started my art journey in 2018 and have made significant progress since then. one day i hope to have my own comic out but until that time i am working on honing my skills my page: Userpage of Furbiticus -- Fur Affinity [dot] net some of my works you can find more on...
  9. Doppelfoxx

    Writing, Art, Conceptual Editorial Commissions

    Hello, and welcome! Gabriel Foxx here. Finally, after psyching myself up for a long time, I am very happy to announce that as of today, I am open for writing, art, and storyboarding commissions! WRITING - Approx. $1 per 100 words, heavily depending on format ART - $10-$25 PROFESSIONAL...
  10. Madame Aubergine

    New and excited to share my art!

    Hey ya’ll! You can call me either Aub or Som, I’m a non-binary illustrator who recently decided to try becoming a full time artist! Since a lot of what I draw is monsters, animals, dragons, anthros and so on.. Figured I’d give FA a good ol’ try! Hoping to make some friends and attract some...
  11. Vesper The Coyusky

    Hiring: CLOSED: Looking for artist to create digital art of one or both of my characters $35-$130

    I'm currently looking for an artist to come up with ideas with me on developing digital art based on one or both of my characters or it could be separate art of both characters. Can be SFW or NSFW. It can be based on its personality, trait or small bits and pieces you need from me about the...
  12. 0tsuna0


    Hello!! I'm Tsuna, and I'm new to Furaffinity! I go by they/them, and am panromantic. (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I'm a self-taught artist and animator, and love making fanart and adoptable! My other hobbies include writing, reading, and other things! I love gardening, and am definitely a huge plant geek. My...
  13. TaviBoba

    New artist and Rper here!

    Hi I’m Isak! A Non-bionary furry artist who loves to role play! I am a tiny bit picky with rps as I prefer quality vs quantity! I am a bit socially awkward but once we talk a bit i will open up a bit haha! I love video games and art. Here are some of my art examples! I’ll post m0re in the...
  14. Wolvinof

    Anyone know where to find Kaijima/Toy Dragon In Blue's art now?

    (This is probably the wrong subforum. Oh well, it's still about art.) I've always loved his art, but nowadays I can't find his work directly. I see commisions people get from him, but they never link him, and there's a bunch of his older pictures I liked that I just can't find again. He did have...
  15. kwabykoala

    Kwaby's art shop ($45-200)

    Hi everyone! I am offering two types of commission services as of now! I am comfortable with drawing everything. SFW or NSFW is accepted, however rates may vary depending on what is asked for. Shoot me an email at kwabykoala@gmail.com, or PM me on here to talk! ALL prices are in USD. Paypal...
  16. LittleMitts

    Needing some advice!

    Hello, I'm a NSFW artist still living with his parents (19) and I'm kinda having issues.. My mom REALLY likes to tell her friends and fam that I do commissions and constantly tries asking me for where I post my works and if she can see them. It's not just her though, it's some of my family as...
  17. fruitflyguy

    new furry artist

    hi im brand new here and to the furry community! i dont really know what to do but ive been having a ton of fun drawing furry art recently so ill be sharing all of it here! i also hope to start doing commissions too so please look forward for that, getting paid to draw other people’s awesome...
  18. FenrisNordwind

    a request to rethink. From the Rules

    Dear friends, sincetheinnovations in the rules of our beloved website of 04.16.20, 5.01.20, artists,have begun to undergo serious inconvenience in the dissemination of their art. there are more and more people on thesite. It’sbecoming more and more difficult to remain in the audience’s...
  19. AmaraBurrger

    Commission Ethics Question from Artist

    (Sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums. I couldn't find a spot that fit correctly, so I just dumped this in General Discussion since I'm not asking about prices, specifically - just about the ethical implications discussed below. Thank you!) Hey all. I've been doing commission...
  20. Cilenomon

    Main Site Block/Hide user/tags content

    Basically some sort of "hide" or a better block feature. Example: We have User_1 and User_2. User_1 decided to hide User_2 using the "hide" feature. Now, while searching / browsing art on the website, anything made by User_2 wouldn't be shown to User_1. But they could still interact with each...