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  1. FurOnTheSide

    (Commission) Selling: Furry Character Art - STARTING SALE, 15% OFF ($5 - $38)

    Times are tough, so let's get drawin'! If you'd like something from the above commissioned, kindly read my Terms of Service, and if you're happy to continue please fill out my commission sheet. Your commission can be NSFW, however please check out my Terms of Service for examples of what I...
  2. .wav

    Anyone here heard of Daisuke Nakayama?

    I friggin' love his art style, it's like a mix of Gorillaz and Jet Set Radio Future. This is the sort of tyle I want for my art
  3. R

    A commission I didn’t want

    I had asked for a commission a while back for one thing only and not only did he do other variants (without my consent) but he posted one of the variants as opposed to the one I asked for, and when I confronted him he told me that he could do what ever he wanted with it and doesn’t care about...
  4. Olivitree

    (Commission) Selling: Olivitree's Market £5(~$6) to £200+(~$245)

    Welcome to my little portion of the market. I'm a UK artist so excuse my UK money prices, google can convert it for you if you type, for example "10 GBP in USD) GBP being £ great british pounds and $ US Dollars. Works for any currency! I'll keep this place updated with any sales and offers I...
  5. ShioriArashi

    Hiring: Digital artist to create a logo for my etsy shop price range $20 to $30 (CLOSED)

    Hi, I'm looking to hire a digital artist to create a logo for my etsy shop. I want to use my king wickerbeast ekho as the logo here is his reference sheet: I'd like the logo to be in a toony style but I'm willing to consider other styles. I look forward to hearing from someone soon Thanks in...
  6. B

    Hello, folks!

    I'm not exactly new to the furry community, but it's been a long time since I've joined a forum. I'll definitely be clueless here and there. ^^' But anyway, I'm Chomby! I'm 20, a digital artist, and my fursona is a drake! I've been a furry for around a year and a half. I love original species...
  7. Raever

    Hook me up with new anime(ish) artist links!

    I have a dilemma and could really use some help in solving it fellow art addicts. I have a few people I'll regularly commission due to their skill, politeness, reliability, and most of all - the style of art that they produce. I do enjoy other styles as well, but I'm a sucker for that detailed...
  8. CheeFurraAcc

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions Open! ($5 - $100+)

    I'm open for commissions ^.^ Pricelist and ToS here: drive.google.com: ~Chee’s Pricelist~ Some of my art examples: My FA Page - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cheefurraacc/ You can contact me via email too! - cheetaha.art@gmail.com Thank You for looking! <3
  9. Kwalla T Koala

    New here :D

    Hi there, Im Kwalla. Im an artist and my bf, @withfurvor, suggested I should join. :) I'm hoping to basically see some great art, meet some chill people, and improve my skills as an artist along the way. I guess that's it! Anyway, nice to meet you all and I hope to have a good time in the...
  10. cloudeedays

    (Commission) Selling: commissions open! $15 to $40+

    hi! my name is cloudee and i'm an artist :) i'm trying to save up some money for summer, with it being my last summer before college, so i'm opening up commissions! i've mainly done human art, but i have some experience with anthro art. if you hav any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free...
  11. Kryanari

    Artist new to the community.

    Hello! I launched this identity around August last year. I built a little following on Twitter and made a profile on DA. I got into Monster Girl art and that rose my curiosity to Anthro art. Then I found FA and now I'm here trying to make some friends, both artist and non-artist! Most of my art...
  12. silkyfangs

    Long time artist, newbie furry! ^^

    Hi there folks! Nice to meet ya, i'm SilkyFangs! I've been daydreaming about drawing all the naughty furry stuff that's been playing out in my head for a long time and finally mustered up the courage to just start posting my art. I've been drawing non-anthro illustrations & comics for years...
  13. Artistotel

    Commissions open! $5-$70

    hi everyone! i figured i'd share my commissions here. c: you can find my art on artistotel on furaffinity, but also, let me share some examples: my commissions info:
  14. Artistotel

    hello everyone!

    hi! i'm artistotel, and i'm a comics artist and cartoonist from croatia! ^o^ i'm 22 years old and currently working on my masters in animation. i love drawing anthros and designing adopts, as well as roleplaying, writing, and watching cartoons (duh, im a cartoonist). my commissions are open...
  15. tato

    On Artists: Avoiding the "Likes" Blackhole

    Social media can be draining, especially on artists and creators. Often times we get suckered into equating the amount of faves/likes/notes we receive on our art, to the value of the art itself, though we would never admit that. "I draw for myself, no one else." "I don't care about the likes."...
  16. matraki

    New Artist, check my stuff?

    So I'm new to drawing furries and the like, but I've been drawing for a loooong time. Sooo tell me what you think of my stuff so far?? I have commissions too! www.furaffinity.net: Wolfy Goth Girl by matraki www.furaffinity.net: Happy Holidays by matraki Thanks :D
  17. Sephiroth120

    Hiring: Animator for NSFW commission, Budget: $300+

    Hello there, I'm looking for a NSFW artist/animator willing to do a piece that'll be around 30 seconds long, possibly 40. My budget can go beyond $300, even somewhere in the 1000's if necessary, permitted that I'm allowed a payment plan as we go through the project. Must be comfortable with...
  18. MissKarotStix

    Sketchbook: MissKarotStix's Art

    FA Account: Userpage of MissKarotStix -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Posting chronologically. Starting with art made three years ago.
  19. Dirlcutto

    Sketchbook: Dirlcutto's Art

    Hello, friends! I’m not so popular artist yet, but I wanna show my artworks here. Usually I create some cute things, and I really love mice and rats I will soon take YCHes and commissions. You can follow me on FA if you wanna see more my arts...
  20. Icsbonkun

    Hello! I haven't introduced myself

    I have been on furaffinity for quite some time but I haven't done a post on the forums:( I like doing cute drawings and getting to know people