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  1. DepryRaer

    Take a croissant, darling, and let's talk

    Hi there everyone! I'm very new to the whole furry fandom and I didn't know where to start so I figured a forum would be probably the best choice. So, as stated in my profil, I'm a 28yo french bear and an artist! I want to take my begining on this forum as the occasion to draw more so i'll...
  2. Queendin


    Hi! I'm Queen, or Fay(my fursona's name)! I'm a border collie! I'm an animator and illustrator, 24 years old and i'm from Brazil, english is not my first language and my english sucks but you can talk to me if you want to! Oh, my FA username is "gabichan00", checkout my art if you want!
  3. Dritazura

    (Commission) Selling: $30 NSFW YCH

    Hello furry friends! This is my second YCH and it consists of this pose and any species you’d like. You can choose the facial expression as well. I have both male and female versions. This will be in full color and shaded, and a color sheet of your choice. Female version...
  4. Crunchy_Croc

    Hi i am a new artist

    Hi I am Crunchy_Croc I am 18 years and i am from swisstzeland in the french region of Vaud i know this site for 3 years but it is for one week that i register my account (i have a previous accout but it was only for lurking and i lost it). I draw for 1.5 years and this is pretty new to me but i...
  5. R


    Hello Everyone! I'm new here! My name is Ruditsu (Many just call me Aki or Vee (that's my real nickname)) and i am a 16 year Old artist who live in Kanagawa Perfecture, Japan. (Sorry my english is not that's good), but here is things about me! Things i like: Art, Drawing, Furry, Plants...
  6. R

    Sketchbook: Hello! please check out my art!

    Hello! I am a 16 year old artist who makes kemono art and fursuit. I live in Japan. Thank you for looking! I love meeting new people. sadly where i live there are not any other furry, so i came here to meet new people! I'm happy to be here! I also haven furaffinity as well! (I am sorry but i am...
  7. C

    Hiring: [$1000+] Artist for visual novel (for character and CG art)

    Hi! I'm planning out a second visual novel and am trying to find an artist for the character and CG art. The basic premise is a SFW teen dating sim/romance between a human (protagonist) and different dragons. I'm looking for an artist skilled in drawing humans and dragons, and enjoys working...
  8. HyperPolka

    (Commission) Selling: [animated gifs, NSFW and SFW :D $15-60] COMMISSIONS OPEN [Portraits, PFP, gifs and more!]

    Hi all I like to work with ink and watercolor but I also do digital painting and lineart if that's your thing. [Patreon ad: www.patreon.com/almophada check it out if you feel like it :) ] # Prices range from $15-$60 depending on char quantity, pose, size and background. Portraits, chibi and...
  9. ShardsOfBlue

    Hi from a new greymuzzle fur! :3

    Hello! I’m a bit of a greymuzzle at all of 33, but I finally realized that furries have a bad rap for no good reason and I’ve always been into anthro stuff — so here I am, finally! I’ve been wearing ears and a tail to cons for years, just wasn’t sure that qualified me as a furry™, lol. I do hope...
  10. rubixjigsaw


    Hey, I'm completely new to the community and wouldn't consider myself a full-on furry but I do really enjoy the content people make! I'm an artist who mainly draws human females and cute monsters, but I do enjoy drawing anthropomorphic insects like moths. I mainly want to get better at drawing...
  11. foxghosts

    (Commission) Selling: foxghosts' commissions || $5-10+ | 3/3 slots open

    hello!! i'm new to this platform so pls be gentle if you're interested in commissions, you can contact me via: toyhou.se || deviantArt* || foxghostsart@gmail.com alternatively, reply here and I will get back to you as soon as I can! * I am most active on dA - I get notifications there so...
  12. Rubyforbreakfast

    (Commission) Selling: ✧Ruby's Summer Commissions + Character Sheets✧ [$20 - $100]

    ✧ Commission Slots Available ✧ My Name is Ruby and I do digital art! Help a queer artist pay her rent!! @Ruby4Breakfast / rubywilsonbiz@gmail.com ✧ Currently selling: ✧ 1. Slot One: Open 2. Slot Two: Open 3. Slot Three: Open 4. Slot Four: Open 5. Slot Five: Open ✧ Pricing ✧ Coloured Bust: $20...
  13. restinglichface

    Looking for a bit of critique

    hey folks! I’m fairly new to drawing furries and also relearning how to do digital art after not really doing it for over a year. I was hoping to get a bit of critique on some of my pieces, maybe just some things I could do to make my art look more dynamic? Thanks in advance!
  14. KawaiiPeachcup

    Just Peachy

    Hello all, long time Fur Affinity lurker, first time poster. I'm Kawaii Peachup, I'm a writer and an artist. I've finally decided to start working on some stories and eventually will get some art posted on my page but for now I wanted to introduce myself and maybe make a few friends <3 I don't...
  15. Morbid Sanity

    Hiring: Telegram Stickers Budget $30

    [CLOSED] Hello! I'm looking for someone willing to create a few telegram stickers for me of my character. (head only is fine) Here's a reference sheet for my panther fursona: Sadly my budget is only $30 USD and I can't go over it at all. I'm not asking for a crazy amount of stickers, I really...
  16. Puppijo

    Sketchbook: Puppy learn to draw.

    Hello. I see you guys like to share your artworks and stuff here. So I think it would be nice to hear some comments, advices (praises :}) and your opinions about artworks that I can produce xD Here is just some example of the artwork i made for this site. It is my simple OC. A lolita bunny...
  17. ReeseCapeesh

    Help! Having a really hard time making my Sona. :(

    I honestly need help. I'm a new fur and i cant decide a fursona species. the problem is, i have waaay too many favorite species. I love exotic pets, wolves, lions, dragons, cryptids, reptiles, goats, horses, aliens, you name it. I love everything!! i dont want to mix EVERYTHING and end up making...
  18. emmybirb

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art Commissions

    Hi! My name is Emmy, and I usually do human character commissions, but I grew up drawing cats and birds, so I figured I'd start getting into furry commissions! If you want another way to look at my art or contact me, check out my instagram or twitter! All the info is in the images! I can...
  19. S

    New Member here! X3

    Hello! My name's Stardust, I'm a somewhat kinky furry artist and musician just tryna get some more exposure to my work, and get better acquainted with others in the furry community! I'm into bondage and fantasy artwork and I'd love to get to know y'all more! I was wondering if you all...
  20. E

    What happened to Eggplantman and his Zodiac comic?

    Some of you may remember the furry web comic Zodiac by John Mann, a.k.a. Eggplantman. It was about a team of furry superheroes. Userpage of Eggplantman -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Eggplantm on DeviantArt I enjoyed it immensely, especially the character Taurus and her "ugly duckling" story...