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  1. B

    Hiring Artist for Bull Fursona

    Hello Im Beau the Bull I am looking for an artist to help me with my first depiction of my fursona. I know when an artist likes what they are creating, the art shows it, so someone who wants to draw a bull would be ideal. I have a pretty flexible budget (starting at a minimum of $10) and I...
  2. Genonair

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions (5$-15$)! [OPEN]

    No NSFW, no fetish art, nothing offensive.
  3. Deathless

    Respecting Artists.

    It's obvious that this forum has a free art category, which makes people have the opportunity to have complimentary art of their characters, and to admit, I try to get all the chances I get. As an artist myself, I know what comes with drawing, especially other people's characters. Most people I...
  4. dunspork

    new to the community !

    Hi everyone! I'm Chris, I'm newer to the community (I've had a fursona for about 8 years but I wasn't really into the real furry community) and I made this account recently, so I thought I'd make an introductory post so that I figure out how to get into the community. As stated before, I'm...
  5. colorcat


    Hi to everyone! Thanx for your attention! Okay, I really need money right now :"D You can find more my artwork here~https://www.furaffinity.net/user/colorcat/ My price U can see here - www.furaffinity.net: COMISSIONS ARE OPEN! by colorcat I DO NSFW and SFW stuff <3 Thank you so much for...
  6. hyenash

    the hyenash starter pack

    thought my first post here should be some of my favorite stuff i've done as an intro to me. I'm Ashton! I'm 17 (18 in two weeks), a gal, and I've loved anthros in media all my life. I just recently became active in the furry fandom and I'm super hype to be a part of the community! I love doing...
  7. CalicoJacque

    New to the forum

    Hello everyone! I set up an FA account about a year or two ago, but the last year hit so hard it's been a little inactive and sporadic. I am an artist and like to doodle and do commissions for people. I've always had a love of animals (platonic) and my favourite shows have always been...
  8. TepigFan101

    Heya Guys!

    So hiya x3. To be honest ive been in the fandom for over 2 years now, but this is my first time on the Forums so i might as well introduce myself. Im TepigFan101, im mainly a Pokemon r34 artist on Furraffinity under the same name here, but i do sfw stuff from time to time. Im a huge nintendo...
  9. tinyqueen

    New on fur affinity!

    Heya! I'm an artist and I'm new to this site. I'm wondering what is the best way to get noticed on here? and just in general how does this site exactly work, it has so many options aaah :oops:
  10. Deltaplexity

    Looking for active Artists/Non artist to join our Discord community server!

    Heyo! I just started a new Discord server for not only a person who produces artworks, but anyone with creative talents! I could never find a server for a multi-type artist, so then I created one, so it's kinda like a virtual studio and I hope you guys will enjoy it! :3 It's a community for...
  11. littercritter

    Just Excited, That's All

    Aaaa feel free to ignore this post because it's kind of irrelevant but I'm still super new to the fandom. Like super super new. I made this account along with a FurVilla, Weasyl, and Furry Amino account either on Christmas or the day after and that was when I really accepted my fandom interest...
  12. JunnJ

    Kobolds! Fantasy Artists! (CLOSED)

    What you're looking for - Looking for someone who does excellent kobold/fantasy arts. Trying to nail down an artist or two who I can go to for kobold-specific pieces ranging from SFW to NSFW with varying kinks and settings. What's your budget - Since this is mostly to find a long term artist, I...
  13. nona

    nice to finally be here!

    hello! you can call me nona, though my FA user is nonabanona (since nona is commonly taken). I recently joined FA, though I think my registration is long overdue since I've been a furry long before I knew what one even was. I'm a digital art hobbyist with full intent to make my passion a career...
  14. PPPerson

    Hello, designated hello area!

    Hey guys, whats good? Im new here, and to using forums in general- but I'm an artist looking to try my hand at adult/anthro content, and meeting other artists. Sort of shy lurk-more-than-engage person, but I wanna change that. Nice to meet you! Lets see.. I like D&D (obsessed with dark elves...
  15. lady-penumbra


    Hiya guys, I'm Lady-P. I've been an artist for many many years of my life, and I enjoy all forms of it! I'm currently trying to get a bachelor's in the arts so that I can maybe work for Rooster Teeth one day, but until then I'm kind of a free-lance artist! Nice to meet you all :)
  16. B

    ★COMMISSIONS OPEN! Nsfw, cute, cartoonish...★

    Hi! I'm a illustrator and graphic designer girl. Currently I don't find a job where I live so I have to open commissions. I work both digital and traditional. Take a look at my commissions chart. If you're interested please send me a PM :p (I'm trying to do my best at furry style haha) Some of...
  17. amnesiahazel

    Hiya! I'm new

    Hey guys! How are you doing? I'm an illustration student and freelancer artist, and I'm new around here! I'm looking forward to meeting new people! Also feel free to check my art if you feel like it! I hope ya'll have a great day! :p
  18. poisonfang

    I'm new! ✧Taking requests✧

    hi, so i'm new in town! i've taken commissions and stuff in other websites before, but i'm still getting to know fa and how things work around here. i thought i'd do some free drawings to get to know people and figure things out. please leave your requests and i'll try to get to them over the...
  19. AzurGhost

    New to all of this

    Hi! I'm not much of a Forum person, but I know its pretty much impossible to get commissions out of the forums so here I am! I joined FurAffinity recently (along with a friend of mine, we're both pretty shy and low-spoons). I have Lupus and ADD (for real, medically diagnosed) so I am very...
  20. S

    What Should I Do?

    So I commissioned an artist a year ago for 5 pieces and a ref sheet. I've recieved 2. Communication has been few and far between. They constantly post about how their health is bad and that's why they haven't been working on comms, but then they post personal art or base edits or YCHs for...