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  1. juchanstudio

    Art Trade: ANYONE FOR TRADE?

    Hello guys! I want you guys o draw this dragoness, one of mine sonas, her name is kiyumi, and she have tail too hehehe^^ She don't have any art. Well these are my arts https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/ju-chan-studio/ I will do Arts SFW any anthro, furry, feral. but i want the same style...
  2. meowmix884

    Anyone wanna do an art trade?

    examples - NSFW depends, gore is okay. I draw anthros and ferals. Not a fan of humans. thanks ! xx DM if interested
  3. Sodasats20

    Art Trade: Willing to do nsfw art trade

    I’m willing to do an art trade I’ll do anything with your character really, just make sure you’re okay with me maybe not drawing in your songs style. Or you could message me a ref sheet of your sona I’ll do it for a drawing of my character from behind showing his hole Reply if interested. I’ll...
  4. KhramChee

    Art Trade: Taking Art Trades - CLOSED

    I need to practice unusual animals, that is anything that is NOT a canine or feline. I've decided to open a small thread on twitter where I'll be posting both sides of the trades. My turn in time is normally up to 7 days after trade is accepted ♥ I offer one colored fullbody, but you can draw...
  5. Exzerass

    [OPEN] Fullbody Art Trade

    Hello, all! I'm looking to do an art trade with someone! I'm currently running out of creative juices, so i was hoping to draw someone's character. I'd love to do an art trade with someone on an equal skill level as me. Here's my Furaffinity account! : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/exzerass/...
  6. enby-hawke

    Free Art and Art Trade (0/2)

    So I'm still pretty new to furaffinity and drawing furries in general and so I need examples. If you do art I would love an art trade though I don't have any furries myself yet except something called a drihka which is kind of like a mermaid that is more fishlike features. (I'll post a image...
  7. CinnaBummie

    ✨Art trades ✨

    Hi i decided to semi-open up some art trades this will probably be cross-posted to Instagram in the future but I’ve been taking a little bit of a social media break for now but currently I’m opening up some art trades so comment if you’re interested here are some art examples you can also find...
  8. Katyrawrz

    Trades? <3

    Hey im looking to do more art (on a art binge atm) and would love to trade with some lovely people , maybe make some new friends <3 My FA - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/katyrawrz/ for examples of my art (I do anthro art x3) NFSW and SFW is fine :3 you would be drawing my new fursona -...
  9. Kalanse

    Art Trade: Chibi Feral/Anthro Trades

    Looking for Feral/Anthro Chibi art trades! CLOSED Any character species welcome! Please send me the character(s) you have in mind and i will do the same. Please comment if interested ! Userpage of Kalanse -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. RangerReb

    Anyone want to do an art trade?

    Hello my furry fellows! I have a lot of spare time on my hands, and I'd like to draw other people's art and get some art of my own characters. Give some and get some, y'know? I'm currently offering digital shaded drawings with a simple background. I might be able to do full body, but I mostly...
  11. marshmellerditty

    Draw my fursona? (I'll trade with literally anyone)

    QUEUE 5/13/20: 1. Pollywally (est. completion: 5/15 or 16) 2. ? [you could be next! :0] 3. ? here she is: show me your OC/sona and i'll draw them in exchange for mine!
  12. B

    Art Trade: Literature/art trade

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by to read this! I’ve been an avid reader for years and I’m also a person who dabbles into writing! I’m open for almost anything in terms of kinks, and I’d love to do some trades with artists In return for literature! let me know if you’re interested!
  13. Yohma

    Art Trade: Anyone up for an art trade?

    Hello! I'm looking to make new artist friends on fA, so I thought this would be a nice way to look for people to chat with while also doing something creative. I'm looking for one or two quick trades to do, easy things to exercise my brain between school/work. I don't have any preferences...
  14. T

    looking for art trades

    Hi! I want to take some art trades without deadline. Mostly I draw wolves, but I can also draw cats, horses, and other mammals. I like draw nature long hair wolves - metalheads and a lot of other ting. Love gore, dead animal and other themes of this thematic)! I don't draw erotic, urban scenery...
  15. 00099988drak

    Kissing Trade

    Hi I seeing if anyone want to do some art trades that involve kissing? I mostly good with furrys but I can try other things. I'm ok with male/female female/female I don't do male/male
  16. teacozy1

    Art Trade: Art trading time~!

    Not sure what I want to draw so I'm just gonna do some art trades~! I'm only gonna do a few though. So comment bellow. Examples of my stuff is in my gallery Artwork Gallery for teacozy1 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  17. LittleXLee

    ✨ Trade me! ✨

    Running out of projects and wanting to trade! My OCs: ~My Sheep Babe (my art)~ www.furaffinity.net: Bells and Bows by LittleXLee ~ My Demon Babe (not my art)~ www.furaffinity.net: My Demon Baby by LittleXLee I do SFW & NSFW, furry and human, busts, lineart, fullbody WHATEVER If you want to...
  18. qu.0

    Art Trade: Chibi Headshots [OPEN]

    [ Sample! Character belongs to ZombieGoose @ FA ] Hello everyone! As a way to draw some Fursonas and meet some artists I'm offering some Chibi Headshots in exchange for artwork! The exsample above is a looser version of my chibi heads and I'm willing to do something more detailed/cleaner...
  19. Maria3313

    [OPEN] Cheap, Cute Commissions <3 Digital &Pixel art

    Hiya, I'm Mari and welcome to my art shop! I'm looking for some comms to do, and decided to open shop over here! Opening notes (to be added to!) -I don't really have many things I don't draw, but I def won't draw complicated machinery or NSFW! -Please send me full payment up front! -I prefer to...
  20. G

    Art trade anyone?

    I may be a little bit picky with quality. You HAVE to finish your side and send it first. This is the character I want art of: Here's some of art I will offer (only one with lineart tho) www.facebook.com: Lemia Doodleheart's works