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  1. Exzerass

    [OPEN] Fullbody Art Trade

    Hello, all! I'm looking to do an art trade with someone! I'm currently running out of creative juices, so i was hoping to draw someone's character. I'd love to do an art trade with someone on an equal skill level as me. Here's my Furaffinity account! : https://www.furaffinity.net/user/exzerass/...
  2. CinnaBummie

    ✨Art trades ✨

    Hi i decided to semi-open up some art trades this will probably be cross-posted to Instagram in the future but I’ve been taking a little bit of a social media break for now but currently I’m opening up some art trades so comment if you’re interested here are some art examples you can also find...
  3. Sugarygulp

    Art Trade: Taking 2 art trades!!

    Hey guys! I really wanna draw some new subject matter, and also experiment a bit so I thought I'd look for someone to do a trade with! You can see my FA gallery here: (+18!) Userpage of Sugarygulp -- Fur Affinity [dot] net This is mine and my boyfriend's sonas, I would love some couple art but...
  4. DariusTheLoony

    Art Trade: Literature Trade

    Greetings and Salutations all, It's hard for me to ask but some of you would want to do art trade with me but instead of me doing art I could write fanfiction or a short story for you or even poetry? i'm sorry for acting that it's just because of the fact that I can't really drive at all and...
  5. Yohma

    Art Trade: Anyone up for an art trade?

    Hello! I'm looking to make new artist friends on fA, so I thought this would be a nice way to look for people to chat with while also doing something creative. I'm looking for one or two quick trades to do, easy things to exercise my brain between school/work. I don't have any preferences...
  6. T

    looking for art trades

    Hi! I want to take some art trades without deadline. Mostly I draw wolves, but I can also draw cats, horses, and other mammals. I like draw nature long hair wolves - metalheads and a lot of other ting. Love gore, dead animal and other themes of this thematic)! I don't draw erotic, urban scenery...
  7. Barn-Ulv23

    Art Trade: Art Trade anyone?

    Hi there ^^ I'm practicing since a little while ; drawing eyes, landscape, material, fur etc... And I'm looking for things to draw since I want to practice some more. So, I can do, these, with simple background, with anthro, animals. www.furaffinity.net: You Put Me Back Together [SPEEDPAINT]...
  8. Fuber64

    Art Trade: Looking to do trades! (Always open!)

    Hello! I am currently seeking art for Birki Moonspirit! I am open to any kind of art done for her. She has spirit and non spirit form, non spirit is just her in her clothes while spirit is with her petals and branch wings. Let me know if interested in doing an art trade!
  9. teacozy1

    Art Trade: Art trading time~!

    Not sure what I want to draw so I'm just gonna do some art trades~! I'm only gonna do a few though. So comment bellow. Examples of my stuff is in my gallery Artwork Gallery for teacozy1 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net