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  1. Naininai


    Hi there! I have this promo available, hope y'all are interested! ✪ CARTOON STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 1 USD - 100 pts ❏ Bust ➜ 3 USD - 300 pts ❏ Half body ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Full body ➜ 7 USD - 700 pts ◆ Colored version ➜ +2 USD - 200 pts ✪ ORIGINAL STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Bust ➜...
  2. TokoDoggo

    I wanna sketch your Sonas! FREE and for fun

    Hello there! So It's been a minute since I've done character design for others, and I'm in great need of practice. So let's have some fun with this! I'll draw a simpler avatar version of your character- key work is SIMPLE. No character ref sheets, I'm just having you fill out the list below so I...
  3. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Quick Sketch-Painted Headshots ($65)

    i love buying groceries. i love paying rent. however that pales in comparison to my love of painting things. maybe i can do all three (poggers) and i also get UNREASONABLY excited when i see weird/unique character designs so there is very little to lose :] $65 USD per headshot; payment via...
  4. Furvok

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) American semirealism furry

    My artist Shogu has open commission!! This is an example of his work!! <3
  5. miki.tikus

    Miki’s sketchbook

    Hello all! Going to start a sketchbook/art dump thread here! I don’t have an active commissions thread yet, but I’ll link it once I’ve got it sorted out :)
  6. Maro

    (NSFW)Fast YCH auction, can be holiday themed-SB 15$, AB 95$

    Hi! I have adult YCH auction open :) All info here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39718350/ there will be a painted background, thinking about cozy room with fireplace and Christmas tree, but can be anything :D Examples of my style: More examples in my gallery...
  7. Lady.Salazar


    < Is this a problem some people have, or is it just me? > < I want to utilize the thumbnails, but everything I try doesn't work. > < The current thumbnail I am trying to unload is 500x500, but it's not working. > < Have thumbnails been removed? >
  8. R

    Realistic coyote progress

    Wanted to post this yesterday but was having difficulty logging in. Any who doing a coyote study so thought I show by progress here. can see more of my work on Instagram, Twitter or my fur affinity page.
  9. ArtGirl205

    Sketchbook: Werewolf related artwork

  10. Frozen_Trovador

    Can't edit thumbnails

    I want to upload my most adult artwork with thumbnails so people don't have to see the full picture unless they want to check it out. I also like to upload high res artwork but files end up being too large and not even a thumbnail made from the work shows up. The problem is, I can't edit the...
  11. AmeliaTheHolstein

    Free fursona chibi commissioning, in need of practice!

    NOTICE: OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF 7/12/20 Hi, my name's Amelia. I'd like to start doing chibi art commissioning in the (hopefully near) future, and I need time to practice my art. I'm open to draw your fursonas in my art style, and if they're good enough I'd like to ask if I could post them on my...
  12. Isabelle

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Furry Commissions! $8-$15

    Doing cheap commissions! You can find examples here ;; izza wizza hizza fizza ✎ (@cryliics) • Instagram photos and videos All my art is flat price. All come shaded, lined and coloured, no extra charge! Headshots - $8 Busts - $10 Fullbody - $15 All my prices are in USD and I accept PayPal...
  13. AzuelZorro102

    Do you recognize these artworks? (help me find artist credits)

    I've looked everywhere, checked the most popular reverse-image search engines (even more obscure ones), posted on devianart, reddit, furaffinity, nothing helps. Do you recognize these artworks/know the artists who drew them? I've tried looking for the artists' watermarks/signatures but no...
  14. bizzybird

    Some of my art, not hardcore yet(nsfw)

    I don't have a lot yet but i wanna show some of my art. most is nsfw but not really hardcore yet. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35281857/ www.furaffinity.net: Lady bunnerfeller by bizzybird www.furaffinity.net: Mr. Burbison by bizzybird
  15. cloudeedays

    (Commission) Selling: commissions open! $15 to $40+

    hi! my name is cloudee and i'm an artist :) i'm trying to save up some money for summer, with it being my last summer before college, so i'm opening up commissions! i've mainly done human art, but i have some experience with anthro art. if you hav any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free...
  16. QueenTalley

    (Commission) Selling: [SFW/NSFW] $15USD EMOTE Commissions are [OPEN]!

    Emote commissions are currently... OPEN! Hello and welcome to my EMOTE commission thread! My name is QueenTalley, or QT for short (See what I did there? ;3)! I'm looking to do some emote commissions for YOU! Fairly priced at $15USD per emote, with bundles available on bulk buys! Here are a...
  17. Nacht.Wolf

    (Commission) Selling: Nacht's art den! $15 USD and up

    The following is a list of the commissions I will generally be open all the time for and the prices. My FA page is as follows - Userpage of Nacht.Wolf -- Fur Affinity [dot] net All prices are in USD I accept payment through Paypal NSFW is okay (excluding certain things, please see TOS at...
  18. Dreammaker33

    Sketchbook: Artwork of my cow characters and other stuff

    Here's my artwork from my project of making cow characters, there may also be some other stuff to look at here too. Thanks for looking.
  19. Raever

    Main Site Having to Re-Submit Submission

    Hey there, I'm not sure if this already has a thread as it's really a small annoyance over an actual problem all things considered, but whenever I upload something to FA I always have to go to the "Change Submission File" and re-upload that file for it to show properly (otherwise it appears as a...
  20. Lilico


    I'm new on this site, nice to meet you all! I'm giving baby steps on Furry art i hope i can learn a lot from all of you! I made this, based on Voltron Legendary Defender character named Keith If you have any suggestion or tip for me it would be awesome