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  1. AbstractReptile

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking for a character redesign!

    Specifically, I'm looking to have these six, and others later down the line, redrawn as Dungeons and Dragons style characters. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/1005956713238777920/1036072690919936070/comm2q.png
  2. Just_A_Tundra

    Requesting some Critique and Information

    Hello, all, Tundra here. I have been doing art for almost my whole entire life. I have drawn on regular paper, then on school things like tests and assignments, and have been improving...somewhat. A Lot of people look at my art and tell me I am a great artist, or "Ever think of selling your...
  3. Just_A_Tundra

    What's the limit?

    So, I have been posting a lot of art on my account. Although, I want to know where people would draw the line as to what would be acceptable in furry art. I don't necessarily want to go too far into detail, because I'm sure that the details may be a bit much. I just want to know, from my fellow...
  4. CrypticCross

    Help Price my Work Fairly

    Hi there. I need some help with something, as I am a long-time artist but this is the first time I have began accepting commissions. I do it half time, the other I am starting a shop irl. But I also rely on art for income. On my FA CrypticCross here , I posted my art examples and my pricing. I...
  5. linnea.aura

    What are the FurAffinity algorithms for artwork promotion?

    Hello, everybody! I'm a new one here, but I was a furry person for a couple of years, I drew something, but was really afraid of publish it. Time to change that! I checked out a lot of galleries of different talented artists to understand how their artworks gets their favs, but... I can't find...
  6. Vigil29

    Hiring: ($5+) Looking for Paid Artwork of Fursonas/Transformation(Please read description) [CLOSED]

    Hello, people of FurAffinity. I'm really wanting to get art of myself in fursonas/transformation scenes. I'm requesting from anyone who offers to do art paid ^^ What I will be asking for will change from time to time but right now here's what I'm looking for. Type: Full-body or a head/face...
  7. I

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) For Hire Ref Sheet, Char Sheet, Illustration Artist

    Hi there!! I am opening commission My price is starting from 50$ for artwork / illustration and 65$ for character sheet / reference sheet Please do let me know what you think. If we can talk a bit more about your project, that would be awesome! by the way this is my Discord: Noitamina#2625 I...
  8. Naininai


    Hi there! I have this promo available, hope y'all are interested! ✪ CARTOON STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 1 USD - 100 pts ❏ Bust ➜ 3 USD - 300 pts ❏ Half body ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Full body ➜ 7 USD - 700 pts ◆ Colored version ➜ +2 USD - 200 pts ✪ ORIGINAL STYLE ✪ ❏ Headshot ➜ 5 USD - 500 pts ❏ Bust ➜...
  9. TokoDoggo

    I wanna sketch your Sonas! FREE and for fun

    Hello there! So It's been a minute since I've done character design for others, and I'm in great need of practice. So let's have some fun with this! I'll draw a simpler avatar version of your character- key work is SIMPLE. No character ref sheets, I'm just having you fill out the list below so I...
  10. mm-d

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Quick Sketch-Painted Headshots ($65)

    i love buying groceries. i love paying rent. however that pales in comparison to my love of painting things. maybe i can do all three (poggers) and i also get UNREASONABLY excited when i see weird/unique character designs so there is very little to lose :] $65 USD per headshot; payment via...
  11. Furvok

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) American semirealism furry

    My artist Shogu has open commission!! This is an example of his work!! <3
  12. miki.tikus

    Miki’s sketchbook

    Hello all! Going to start a sketchbook/art dump thread here! I don’t have an active commissions thread yet, but I’ll link it once I’ve got it sorted out :)
  13. Maro

    (NSFW)Fast YCH auction, can be holiday themed-SB 15$, AB 95$

    Hi! I have adult YCH auction open :) All info here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39718350/ there will be a painted background, thinking about cozy room with fireplace and Christmas tree, but can be anything :D Examples of my style: More examples in my gallery...
  14. Lady.Salazar


    < Is this a problem some people have, or is it just me? > < I want to utilize the thumbnails, but everything I try doesn't work. > < The current thumbnail I am trying to unload is 500x500, but it's not working. > < Have thumbnails been removed? >
  15. R

    Realistic coyote progress

    Wanted to post this yesterday but was having difficulty logging in. Any who doing a coyote study so thought I show by progress here. can see more of my work on Instagram, Twitter or my fur affinity page.
  16. ArtGirl205

    Sketchbook: Werewolf related artwork

  17. Frozen_Trovador

    Can't edit thumbnails

    I want to upload my most adult artwork with thumbnails so people don't have to see the full picture unless they want to check it out. I also like to upload high res artwork but files end up being too large and not even a thumbnail made from the work shows up. The problem is, I can't edit the...
  18. AmeliaTheHolstein

    Free fursona chibi commissioning, in need of practice!

    NOTICE: OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF 7/12/20 Hi, my name's Amelia. I'd like to start doing chibi art commissioning in the (hopefully near) future, and I need time to practice my art. I'm open to draw your fursonas in my art style, and if they're good enough I'd like to ask if I could post them on my...
  19. Isabelle

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Furry Commissions! $8-$15

    Doing cheap commissions! You can find examples here ;; izza wizza hizza fizza ✎ (@cryliics) • Instagram photos and videos All my art is flat price. All come shaded, lined and coloured, no extra charge! Headshots - $8 Busts - $10 Fullbody - $15 All my prices are in USD and I accept PayPal...
  20. AzuelZorro102

    Do you recognize these artworks? (help me find artist credits)

    I've looked everywhere, checked the most popular reverse-image search engines (even more obscure ones), posted on devianart, reddit, furaffinity, nothing helps. Do you recognize these artworks/know the artists who drew them? I've tried looking for the artists' watermarks/signatures but no...