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  1. StarryAqua

    Do thumbnails for gif submissions not work for anyone?

    I want to upload a commissioned gif and I have a custom thumbnail for it, but when it goes to the page to add title and description, the preview picture to the right doesn't show the thumbnail, but rather the last frame of the gif. I tested different pictures, at different dimensions, and all...
  2. RonarAe4

    Ae4's Portrait Commission! [OPENED]

    Hi! I'm Ae4 and I am currently opened for commissions! If you have any questions, send me a PM or anything. I only have humanoid samples, but I do take furry commissions too. :) If you'd like to see more samples of this commission, check out my TH. ▶︎ Commissions on Toyhouse
  3. koha-chan

    I'm not popular artist but I wanna show my artworks c;

    Hello there!! My name is Kohaku Asato ^^ Thank u for the visiting this post! I just wanna show my little gallery and random arts! I happy see U on my page! Nyahhh <3 Userpage of kohakuasato -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  4. Wolfytheawesome

    Commission's Open~

    Hello everybody! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it. :) I recently opened commissions which you can find out more about here: Don't forget that all commissions will be done through PayPal invoices. Looking forward to working with you or even just answering a few questions...
  5. Maro

    Sketchbook: Art burned on wood

    Hello! 3 years ago I bought a pyrograph, a tool for woodburning. I just was curious what is it, it was so cheap and I thought i'll just play with it for a while and probably won't do anything nice. But things changed, I started to really like pyrography, the art technique of burning things on...
  6. Jouza

    Digital artwork done fast! No reference needed.

    Hello from Japan! I'm an artist looking to expand my portfolio with anthro characters. It has been a while since I've done commissions for the furry community. I can do: Fanart Emotes Anime Human Furry Semi-realistic (digital paint) Style mimicry (SFW only) ...and more! Examples: Twitch...
  7. ftlmechhound

    First attempt at Candy Gore

    My first real attempt at doing candy gore that i'm pretty happy with but was curious what people think and if you got any tip or your own artwork feel free to share. FA - more of my stuff here if your interested
  8. Husky_FOG

    Commissions OPEN!

    Hello guys! Im opening my comissions right now! I do SFW, NSFW, pinups, portraits, animations, stickers, badgets and more! Sent me a DM if you are interested! Some of my art: Prices: Nsfw 50$ each character (NSFW includes: 18+ fetishes: paws, bdsm, violent, rape, roleplay, size...
  9. faerr

    Let's share our best and worst pieces!

    We all have bad days, eh? But we also have good ones. One of the way we learn and grow as artists is by recognizing the mistakes we've made and improving upon them. It's all subjective - for the worst: share whatever you want! It can be a really old piece, a piece where you gave up halfway...
  10. Raidez

    Commissions OPEN!! $5 - $50

    Artstation: raidez.artstation.com instagram:igor.oliveira210
  11. catcoins

    catcoins' artworks

    Hi there! I'm new to this site and I want to show off my art to get more watchers and friends! My name's Dez, and I'm 21 years old. I draw since I was a little kid, and I've started drawing digitally in 2009. I hope you like my art! ^o^ I mostly draw animals, and furries! I can do chibis, icons...
  12. LegendaryWhisper

    Whisper's Requests Now Open (closed currently. Come back later)

    Hey you! The one staring at their computer monitor! The one eating that nice jar of peanut butter! Yes you! Did you need someone to draw your character for you? I would be more than happy to do that. Now accepting artwork requests. I've done this before and you guys really seem to enjoy it so I...
  13. PeachTea

    10$-15$ Treats

    Hello! I am super new to this! I'd really like to sell my lil art babies tho. ☺♥ Please have references!! 10$ Flat Coloring 15$ More Detailed Coloring This is my first step to doing commissions I'm excited to work with you! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・
  14. FurryMuchArt

    Please Buy My Art

    Hi! I'm new here. Oddly enough, I'm not a furry. If I was, I'd be an albino peacock. Anyway, please buy my art. It's easy. Just go to furrymuch.weebly.com: FURRY MUCH - Once your art is completed, you will receive a link to where you can purchase your digital file. Include what you want your...
  15. doodlecat021618

    flat color full body feral commission(open)

    hello thanks you for checking out my post :D for these commissions it is for a flat color full body feral can be any list of animals. Just ask I'm always able to answer questions. price is 26 USD price explained: these take about 3 hours 40 min the price is 3 x minimum wage + 4$ for the last...
  16. Sunburst_Odell

    What's Your Favorite Piece(s) of Artwork You've Ever Recieved of Your Sona/OC?

    Like the title says: what's your favorite drawings you've gotten of your fursonas or characters, be it a gift, commission, art trade, request, or otherwise? I love all of his art, but, of my fursona, it has to be this or this picture that's my favorite. I also love all the artwork I get of my...
  17. Volity

    How to come up with good designs for your fursona?

    I've recently created a fursona, it's basically just a generic anthro fennec. It started off as a fennec fox with yellow-white fur to match the kind you see out in the wild. When I tried to do more art I used it as a way to improve on the design, I added a few dark patches on the body. I didn't...
  18. MlSTYPOO

    Cheap Feral Headshots (Can be used for con badges)

    Hello there! I am Misty and I am a feral artist and I'd like to get my foot in the door when it comes to selling my artwork! A single flatcolored headshot of a character will all start off being $5 USD each! What I can draw: Cats/Felines/Lions/Leopards, etc Canines/Wolves Ferals Pokemon MLP...
  19. Mariah

    Do people commission traditional artwork?

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread to be asking, the rules on this seemed a little contradictory to me. Anyway, I would like to do commissions but my drawing tablet broke a long time ago, do people like traditional artwork or am I better off waiting until I can afford a new tablet?
  20. mspheo

    Very new to FA and the forums - Howdy!

    Good afternoon from WNY. :) Here to make a few pals, while also expanding my art connections! I'll occasionally offer free requests, depending on my free time. :) I'll post about it sometime here and on my main FA page. I also accept commissions, (as I'm sure most of you talented folks around...